Happy New Year!
Your Presbytery has many plans for 2021 and will be actively be engaging with pastors & congregations in transformative ministry! So, please do read the newsletter and check our website for updates and new opportunities.
The stated meetings of the Presbytery this year are as follows:
Saturday, Feb. 27 – Zoom
Tuesday, May 18 – Zoom
Saturday, August 21 – FPC, Columbia
Tuesday, Nov. 16 – Lake Church, Osage Beach
Also, the telephone number to call the Presbytery office is (573) 635-9221, as there is no long a toll free number.
Comfort My People
Pathways to Congregational Mental Health Ministries
Session 1: Grief and Loss - Dealing with Grief while Grieving
January 19, 2021
1:30 – 3:00 PM
Webinar via Zoom

2020 has been a year of significant loss. As the pandemic continues to impact the ways in which we live, interact and worship, we will continue to experience significant grief collectively and in our own lives. As ministry professionals, you may be feeling challenged in ways that you never have been before. We invite you to join LeaderWise therapists, Rev. Sarah Parker and Dr. Drew Benson, as well as your ministry colleagues, to explore some of the following topics:

How is grief presenting in both familiar and unique ways during this time?
How can one be present to one’s own experiences while being asked to be present to the pain of others? 
How can one maintain a sense of hope when surrounded by hopelessness and despair?
Registration is open on the websites of Missouri Union and Northern Kansas Presbyteries.

Note: This program is brought to you through a partnership of the Presbyteries of the Synod Mid-America, a grant from the Omaha Presbyterian Seminary Foundation and the Presbyterian Mission Agency of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).  Pastoral leaders from the presbyteries of the Synod of Mid-America are invited to attend any or all sessions of interest to them personally and/or to their ministry settings.
Beware of Fake Requests from E-Mail Scammers
A favorite trick of email scammers is to send out a fake email that seems to come from someone you know and trust. The emails may say the person is on a trip and has had their money and documents stolen and asking for help. They may say they are soliciting money or gift cards for a good cause.

Beware of these emails. Forward it to the person who is mentioned in the email. And then delete it.

Several pastors in our presbytery have been victims of this scam of sending emails in their name.

Steps to follow:
  1. Never send anything of value in response to any email or text request for money or gift cards.
  2. If the person mentioned is ever in trouble, they will contact someone for assistance directly, not send a general email.
  3. Let the person know you’ve received the email.

Also, please review this video for further security tipsCyber-security video from Church Mutual Insurance
New COVID-19 Guidance
From December 15th Meeting of Presbytery Council
Originally published on December 17th

Dear Pastors and Sessions,

Grace and peace to you in this season of joy and hope!

At its December 15 meeting, the Presbytery Council adopted the following recommendation and guidance on in-person congregational gatherings as the COVID-19 pandemic continues:

Due to recent reports of several pastors and congregation members experiencing severe illness and even death due to COVID – 19, the Council recommends that in-person worship and gatherings be suspended in churches until the threat of infection is minimized in your county. We recommend that you utilize the COVID Act Now website at https://www.covidactnow.org. It allows you to daily track the risk level by county. The Council advises congregations to refrain from in-person gatherings for the safety of your pastor and members, until the color indicator in your county is yellow or green. Please remember that the safety and welfare of congregations, including the pastor or pulpit supply preacher, is the responsibility of each Session.

However, if a Session determines (as is their right W-2.0303) that in-person church gatherings continue, masks, physical distancing, and other hygiene protocols should be required beginning immediately for all gatherings until the vaccine has been widely distributed and the threat of the virus has become minimal. We encourage congregations to consult with local public health officials in making their decisions.

The Presbytery website continues to maintain an information page regarding the pandemic and links to online worship services: https://www.mupresbytery.org. Please do not hesitate to contact the Presbytery office if we can be of assistance.

Blessings in Christ,
The Missouri Union Presbytery Council

Deborah Boucher-Payne, moderator; Andy Baker, Don Bay, Chris Bouchard, Anders Edstrom, Bob Fenlon, Shonda Galloway, Wally Landrum, Marvin Lindsay, Joel Lynn, Helen Logan, RIM Massey, Dick Ramsey, Anne Schneider, Michael Stanfield, Jeannine Toomey 
Events and Programs
A "Reboot Your Worship" Series
Journey to Lent: Deep Structure and Spiritual Depth in a Time of Pandemic
Lent 2021 Reboot Your Worship Webinars

Lent planning retreat session January 6: Discern a theme and direction as we revisit theological themes that are important for this liturgical season, for this extraordinary year, for your community. We will imagine non-lectionary possibilities...

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NEXT Church Presents:
Breaking, Blessing, Building: A Call for the Common Good

A FREE Live-Streamed Gathering for ALL Church Leaders
March 5-7, 2001
Winter/Spring Continuing Education from UPS Leadership Institute
Continuing Education - Union Presbyterian Seminary

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Coffee with Colleagues
Missouri Union Presbytery continues its Zoom meetings for pastoral leaders. The group resumes meeting on a weekly basis in the fall.

Join us on those Wednesdays at 9:00 AM. The event is called “Coffee with Colleagues”. An announcement with the Zoom link was sent to pastors. If you did not receive the announcement and would like to join in, call the Presbytery office for log-in information.
MUP Prayer Basket
The 2021 Prayer Calendar is now online. Download a .PDF version of the calendar HERE: https://www.mupresbytery.org/prayer-calendar

This is Our Prayer Basket. If you have prayers of intercession or thanksgiving, please submit them via the e-mail link below.