Stay StrongSleekFit in the safety of your home!

We are excited to share 2 subscription options to Mister G's Personal Fitness Home Videos! Below you will find option descriptions and can decide which one is best for you.

Option 1: The Sleekest Workout
The Sleekest Workout is based on the most innovative, most powerful, strength training program on the market today,  gTonnicks ®!  When it comes to Abs, Hips & Buns, NOTHING hits those muscles as effectively and efficiently as  gTonnicks®!

1 Subscription, 3 Workouts:
Full Body Tone - Phase I (45 minutes)
Full Body Tone - Phase II (45 minutes)
PureAbs (15 minutes optional workout)

One workout gives you all of these once!
Toning & Strengthening
Fat Burning
Core Building
Hips & Buns Shaping
And More!

Get the gBalance Bar (it's needed) shipped* to you upon subscription
The gBalance Bar™ is an integral part of gTonnicks and is necessary in performing the exercises correctly, including balance "check". The gBalance Bar is made of light material weighing less than 2lbs and comes in two different sizes to choose from: 42in long if you're 5ft 6in tall or less, and 48in long if you're over 5ft 6in tall.

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*Email Mister G with your shipping address and any inquiries you may have.

Option 2: gBody Fusion Workout
The gBody Fusion Workout is designed with compound exercises (multi-jointed movements), continually one after another. Compound exercises engage several muscle groups at the same time. This results in a quick increase of heart rate, maximum caloric expenditure, and effective fat burning while strengthening and toning the entire body. The other good thing about it is all you need is just 2 pairs of dumbbells and a small space!
1 Subscription, 3 Workouts:
- Total Body Workout (25 minutes)
- Ab Blast (15 minutes)
- Full Body Stretching (20+ minutes)
NOTE: you need 2 pairs of dumbbells (2 x 5-12lbs and 2 x 10-15lbs or higher) depending on your current level of fitness.

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