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Faculty Commentary: Dr. Jain
Does your health determine your economic outcomes? Most likely. Poor health means days or even months of missed education or labor force participation. 

Alumni Spotlight: Lucas Brunson
For Mitchell College of Business alumnus Lucas Brunson, an unexpected internship opportunity has propelled enthusiastic investment toward a career in his hometown community of Mobile.

Student Spotlight: Miriam El-Sharkh
Hey everyone! My name is Mariam El-Sharkh, and I am a junior majoring in management with a concentration in general management, along with a minor in psychology. 

Support the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Endowed Scholarship 
The DEI Scholarship encourages full participation in MCOB by students from underrepresented populations and communities.

VITA Program: Schedule Today!
Accounting students will be a part of the VITA program providing free basic tax preparation for individuals and families with household incomes of less than $58,000, or persons with disabilities. 

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