On February 21, 2019, the college of business hosted the spring ELS featuring Chuck Schmitt, President, SSAB Americas. SSAB has been producing steel since 1878 and produces approximately 8.8 tons of steel annually. The company is the number one producer of steel plate and coil in North America. 

Message from the Dean
We’ve survived yet another winter on the coast (officially no days below freezing) and have transitioned to the twin seasons of Mardi Gras and pollen.  Fat Tuesday (March 5) is fast approaching; a good thing since one should only eat a limited amount of King Cakes each hour.

Student Spotlight: Jack Stover
Hello! My name is Jack Stover, and I am a double-major at the University of South Alabama. My primary major is International Business, where I study here at the Mitchell College of Business, while my second major, Foreign Language and Literature with a concentration in Spanish, is at the College of Arts and

Alumni Spotlight: Keith Davidson
Originally from a small town located in Baldwin County, known as Silverhill, AL, Keith Davidson is familiar with the Gulf Coast. Changing his pace from a small town, Davidson now keeps up with the big city life living in Dallas, TX, surrounded by a supportive family including his wife, Tabitha, and his two children, Carter (10) and Sydney (8). 

Faculty Accomplishments
Dr. Reid Cummings joined finance and real estate professors from Alabama, Auburn, and UAB as a panelist at ACREcom 2019, the University of Alabama Center for Real Estate’s annual commercial real estate conference. Topics included changing real estate

Student Snap Shots
Casually walking around MCOB can get pretty interesting. Just this month, Waffle House had a Second Story Business Event to recruit students, South Alabama FMA hosted a guest speaker for one of

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