Meet Devin, one of MCOB’s finest. Throughout his college career, Devin has continually pushed limits and inspired others.
Message from the Dean
By definition, the unexpected is never expected.  The ancient scriptures tell of a massive flood that wiped out almost all life on the planet. They say that

Student Spotlight: Khang Luu
My name is Khang Luu, and I am a senior majoring in accounting. I grew up in Vietnam and came to the

Alumni Spotlight: Matt Mayo
From Hattiesburg, Mississippi, Matt Mayo’s decision to attend South was a very last minute one. “I had a couple of

Experiential Learning in Action
As part of MCOB’s Executive Leader Series, Captain Richard Zamberlan, US Navy, spoke to students, on

Faculty Accomplishments
Maes, J.D. and Cole, S.L (in press). Professionally Ready. Dubuque, IA:

Snap Shots
Throughout the month of February, the PREP program has had multiple guest speakers come and speak to the students at

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February 2020
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