Mitigating Retail Physical Security Threats
Supplemental security measures, such as securing perimeter entrances and installing devices to warn when secondary entry points are compromised, can increase your ability to protect your environment against threats in retail locations, distribution centers, or the corporate campus.
Delayed egress devices in retail facilities can protect assets. By installing delayed egress exit devices, you can prevent unauthorized exits and re-direct foot traffic. When combined with electric latch retraction and automatic door operators, staff can move freely throughout the facility while controlling unauthorized foot traffic.

Where life safety codes restrict traditional locking of certain exits in perimeter fencing around DCs or some retail locations, weatherized delayed egress may be an acceptable application, depending on the authority having jurisdiction. Weatherized delayed egress systems emit a loud local alarm encouraging a person to move away from the area while alerting staff that someone is attempting to exit. This provides the staff time to react before the exit unlocks and helps to avoid a dangerous situation. This type of system can be tied into a fire alarm override, providing safe, free exit during a fire emergency.
Supplementing existing door security with door prop alarms is one way to enhance your security environment. A door left propped open, even for a few seconds, can provide an easy access point for threats. Door prop alarm hardware will alert personnel to an unsecure door via audible alarm while sending an alert to any central security monitor. It helps prevent unauthorized personnel from entering and assets from exiting the premises.
Did You Know?
Detex offers all the security products mentioned above.

Delayed Egress
Available as standalone exit devices (Advantex and Value Series V40 & V50) or as an EasyKit system. Also available as delayed egress with latch retraction (Advantex only)

Weatherized Delayed Egress
Available as an EasyKit system.

Door Prop Alarms
Available hardwired and battery powered. Also available weatherized.
Price Increase
Detex will be implementing a price increase, effective August 1, 2019. For more information, see
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