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Recap of mitigating static electricity in healthcare setting.
In a healthcare setting, people walking across floors, carts and chairs rolling across floors, handling sheets and plastic packaging can all generate static electricity. That’s what makes mitigation measures even more important.

For example, a doctor or a physician’s assistant sitting in a chair in an examination room. Seems harmless enough, right? Yet under the right circumstances, the person sitting in that chair and performing a procedure or inputting data can have enough of a charge stored within them that it can impact the electronic equipment they are using. 

ESD flooring in the examination room certainly addresses this. Additional mitigation efforts can also help. Like an ESD chair, which is made with special materials and grounded to the floor through a chain or conductive wheels, can drain charge from the person and minimize this risk.  

StaticStop takes a global approach to recommending ESD treatments in a healthcare setting. It starts with flooring. We also take into consideration other mitigation measures and present our customers with an overall opinion. 

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Cleanrooms require the highest quality, easy maintenance flooring solution that offers highest levels of protection. From slip-resistance to watertight sealing, SelecTech has the answers you’ve been searching for. Our flooring also assists in maintaining a static-free environment by preventing particle collection by electrostatic attraction.

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