Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Week
Sunday, September 16th - Sunday 23rd
Mark your calendars!

September 16 th to the 23 rd is Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Week and we have a number of exciting fundraising and awareness activities planned. There truly is something for everyone; we just need you to join along! 

The funds you raise during Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Week will support transformational research and MitoCanada's advocacy efforts.

Joining is easy. Simply browse through our events and select one or two that best suits you.
Want to create your own mito awareness event? Great, we are here to help! Contact our MitoCanada team and we'll help get you started .
When: Anytime during September 16th - 23rd
Location: Anywhere!
Make your #MoveforMito is a virtual event, so it doesn't matter where you live.

You can move on your own or gather a group of friends and choose an outdoor activity that you all enjoy.
Joining our virtual event is simple and can be done in a few easy steps:

  1. Choose a physical activity, you can walk, run or roll. 
  2. Select any distance you wish to take on. 
  3. Choose one or multiple days, during awareness week, to complete your activity.
  4. Click Start My Page. We have a personal fundraising page set up just for you.
  5. Simply fill in your information, share your activity with family and friends and start collecting pledges.
  6. Join our #MoveforMito event page on Facebook. Share your goal, story and progress and post lots of pictures! Be sure to use the hashtag #MoveforMito
Porch Light Up | Light Up the Night in Green
When: Anytime during September 16th - 23rd
Location: Your home

Light Up the Night in Green!

For Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Week, swap out your standard porch light and replace it with a green light bulb.

Your green light will spark great conversations and help raise valuable awareness for mitochondrial disease.
Where to buy your light:

  • Online: To purchase your green light bulb, click here.
  • In-store: Most home improvement stores carry green light bulbs.
How to join:

Join members of our Facebook community who are sharing their illuminated porches this Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Week.  Simply:

  • Visit our Porch Light Up event page on Facebook
  • Select "attending"
  • Take your a picture of your porch
  • Add the hashtags: #ignitealight and #sparkaconversation
  • Share
National Monuments Light Up
When: Monday, September 17th
Location: Select Monuments Across Canada

Light Up for Mito!

On Monday, September 17 th , a variety of monuments across Canada will light up the night in green to support Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Week.

During your monument visit, post a picture on our Light Up Monuments Facebook page , use our suggested hashtags and spark a conversation with those around you and those who are part of your online community.
Participating Monuments:

  • BC Place Stadium, Vancouver
  • Canada Place Sails of Light, Vancouver
  • Winnipeg Sign
  • Fredericton City Hall 
  • Halifax City Hall 
  • Charlottetown City Hall 
  • Calgary Tower
  • CN Tower, Toronto
  • Young and Dundas Square, Toronto

Use the following monument hashtags in your social media posts:
  • #MoveforMito
  • #LightUpforMito
WalknRoll 4 Mito | Mississauga, ON
When: Monday, September 17th
Location: Lake Aquitaine Park, Mississauga, On.

WalknRoll 4 Mito welcomes its third year at Lake Aquitaine Park in Mississauga, On.

Event founder and organizer, Louise Gibson, has lovingly dedicated this year's event to her sister, Rita. Rita was a mito patient, diagnosed at age 33 and sadly passed away in early 2018. Join Louise and participants as they celebrate Rita, raise awareness and funds for mitochondrial disease.  

How to join:

If you live in the Lake Aquitaine area, join Louise and MitoCanada!
Create a team or join as an individual.

Personal fundraising pages have been designed just for you.
Simply click Start My Page , fill in your details and start collecting pledges.

Join WalknRoll 4 Mito on Facebook . This is a great place to share your story, fundraising efforts and pictures with friends, family and your community .
Be sure to use the following hashtags:

  • #moveformito
  • #ritaswalk

Help Louise meet her fundraising goal of $5,000 and support mitochondrial research led out of McMaster Children’s Hospital in Hamilton, ON.

For more information, visit our CanadaHelps WalknRoll 4 Mito Page
When: September 16th - 23rd
Location: Canada wide

This September, in support of Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Month, businesses across Canada have joined our Toonie at the Till campaign. If you live near a participating business, stop in, make a purchase and adding a toonie to your purchase.

Participating businesses include: 

Share your Toonie at the Till support by posting a picture on your social media accounts, adding the hashtag: #makechange4mito .

Toonie at the Till Partnership Opportunities:
If you are interested in becoming a Toonie at the Till partner, drop us a line, we'd love to hear from you. Email us at:
Our organization is comprised of caring and compassionate people who come together to improve the quality of life for Canadians impacted by mitochondrial disease.

We thank you for your energetic and unwavering support!
MitoCanada Foundation