In November, our Executive Director, Teresa Hendricks, visited many classrooms like this one, at Kent Innovation High, as part of our Defending Against Hate program. She taught students about the human value of migrant workers and discussed how our organization helps fight for the rights of migrant and seasonal farm workers by providing legal services and education. Students were very engaged and amazed to learn how large our population of farmworkers is in Michigan, and about the challenges they face moving from place to place. They were impressed by how much farmworker families contribute financially to the state's economy, and learned how many of of our local and national leaders came from farmworker families and harvested food since early childhood.

By educating students, we're raising awareness, teaching tolerance, and shedding light on the difficulties migrant and season farm workers face in schools, and the rest of our community. Education is a great way to eliminate stigmas and intolerance.