This Shawl Looks Like Knitting. . .
but it is crochet!

Crocheted with a new Hikoo yarn, Llamor, this month's CAT shawl looks like knitting. And it is amazingly soft. What wonderful project!

Our resident crochet expert, Tamie Cook, is doing weekly posts about crocheting the Double Down Shawl over on the Graywood Knits Facebook page.

Read about what Tamie has to say about Week 2 of the Shawl CAT:

"The pattern for Week 2 of the Skacel Crochet Along Together (CAT) was released Thursday, I will start the next set of pattern rows this afternoon. Amanda Mannas, the designer, provides just the right amount of rows for each of the four weeks so you can get that portion completed.

Lesson learned — count every time the pattern gives stitch totals for a row - - GRRR! I was happily hooking along. I counted stitches at row 10, then kept going til row 16. Mistake. I was off by 4 stitches, my increases at the beginnings were not correct.

How does that happen?!? Distracted watching HGTV? Rip back and redo.

Week 1 was quick (other than my rework), the pattern is to easy to understand. I am looking forward to week 2’s rows and very carefully counting each row. I may even use a marker every 25 stitches for long rows."

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A PS for Knitters. . .and a Coupon Code
Hey, Knitters!

It has luscious cables and might be just the quick knitting project you are looking for.

Llamor has wonderful colors. Be sure to check it out!

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