Volume 18 | September 2021
200 Miles Walked and $25,000 Raised
Miles for MnFIRE has officially wrapped up – raising $25,000 for MnFIRE and promoting awareness around firefighter health across the state. From Marietta to Saint Paul, and all the communities in between, Doug Foote’s 200-mile trek served to unite, educate and rally support around the top three health issues facing firefighters in our state: cardiac, emotional trauma and cancer.

Thank you to the many firefighters who donned their turnout gear and took brave steps together with us along the way; thank you to the long list of fire departments who donated and voiced their support for the cause; thank you to the compassionate corporations who pledged their support for our hometown heroes; and thank you, Doug, for your tireless efforts to support MnFIRE.
If you haven’t made a donation and would still like to, there’s still a little time left! Check out our pledge page HERE.
Suicide Prevention Awareness Month
September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, a time to shine the spotlight on this stigmatized, and often taboo, topic. It’s also an important reminder that some of the emotional and disturbing calls firefighters go on can stick with us for life.

Sadly, too many of us are ashamed or afraid to ask for the help we need. Our emotional wellness deep-dive training can help your department learn how to maintain emotional wellbeing and properly debrief after difficult calls, as well as de-stigmatize talking about mental health and provide resources for those who need help.
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MnFIRE is a nonprofit advocacy organization dedicated to providing education and support for firefighters and their families with regard to cardiac, emotional trauma and cancer, achieving better health outcomes. For more information, visit mnfireinitiative.com. Call our 24-hour peer support line if you are ever experiencing a crisis.