2020 Brings Exciting News 

As the calendar rolls into a new year and a new decade, I am pleased to announce a new name and a fresh new look for the Minnesota Society of Professional Engineers and our foundation, the Minnesota Professional Engineers Foundation. While this is a significant change, what remains the same is our unwavering commitment to providing our members with the support they need to thrive now and well into the future.

Why the Change?

Key members, leaders and staff have been hard at work for months creating a new name and visual identity to propel MnSPE and our foundation into 2020 and beyond. In doing our research, we learned that while the name “Minnesota Society of Professional Engineers” was inclusive of an important part of our membership – licensed PEs – it suggested that only licensed PEs were eligible to be members. It did not convey a sense of welcome to other important people in the engineering community like aspiring PEs who are not yet licensed, graduate engineers and engineering students. We were missing opportunities to expand our community and grow our membership. 

We realized an updated name would be more inviting to all engineers – please come join us! - while at the same time continuing to serve our existing members’ ever-evolving needs and expanding opportunities for new partnerships with others in Minnesota’s STEM community. Engineering Alliance Minnesota and Engineering Alliance Foundation Minnesota arose at the intersection of this necessary change and positions our association and foundation for a strong future while remaining true to the legacy of what MnSPE has always been.

MnSPE’s Role of Preserving, Protecting & Safeguarding will Continue  

Since its inception in 1939, our association has played the role of guardian for our community of discipline-diverse members and the engineering industry as a whole. Engineering Alliance Minnesota, in partnership with Engineering Alliance Foundation Minnesota, remains dedicated to continuing in this role by:

  • Preserving the power and prestige of the PE license as a standard for qualified practice that protects the public;

  • Protecting the careers of members by offering accessible, relevant and affordable (often free!) professional development; 

  • Safeguarding the future of the engineering industry by leading a collaborative effort with others in the STEM community to provide long-term solutions to the workforce development challenge.

More to Come

Over the next few months, we will share more insights with you regarding new and ongoing opportunities, programs and partnerships. You will shortly start to see our new names reflected in emails from staff, on our websites and on social media - watch for our new identities as engineeringalliancemn and engineersfnd in the coming days. 

As always, I invite you to contact me with any comments or questions.

Happy New Year!
Mary Detloff, CAE, Executive Director
Engineering Alliance Minnesota
Engineering Alliance Foundation Minnesota