February 5, 2015
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Commission Approves Road and Bridge Plan

Yesterday the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission approved a plan to work with a drastically reduced construction budget.

MoDOT unveiled the plan last month as a way to take care of Missouri's roads and bridges when its construction budget drops to $325 million in 2017. It's a decision the Commission hoped it would never have to make.

"This action truly sets the stage to transform Missouri's transportation system and dramatically change the way we do business," said Commission Chair Stephen Miller. "After years of making great progress on the condition of Missouri's highways, we now face a future of watching our roads and bridges deteriorate."

"Missouri's 325 System" calls for MoDOT to focus its limited resources on only about 8,000 miles of Missouri's 34,000-mile state highway system. The department will use its annual construction budget to keep these primary roads in the mostly good condition they are in today.

The remaining miles of roads and bridges will make up the state's supplementary system and will receive only limited routine maintenance. That means MoDOT crews will do the best they can to maintain roads and bridges on the supplemental system with internal resources. Work will include filling potholes, patching pavement and flushing and sealing bridge decks. It won't be enough, however, to keep supplementary roads from deteriorating over time. Learn More

Missourians can find out more about Missouri's 325 System by visiting the Tough Choices Ahead website.

2015-2016 Missouri Aeronautical Chart Available

Missouri's latest aeronautical chart is now available to pilots and other aviation enthusiasts. 

The 2015-2016 Missouri
Aeronautical Chart is produced by MoDOT as a planning tool for pilots and users of Missouri's aviation system. It is available at no charge.

Aeronautical charts are available at most local airports in Missouri by contacting MoDOT's customer service center toll-free at 1-888-ASK-MODOT (275-6636), via e-mail at
aviation@modot.mo.gov or by writing to MoDOT's Aviation Section, P.O. Box 270, Jefferson City, Mo. 65102.

Tough Choices -
Did You Know?

Inflation has decreased MoDOT's purchasing power by more than 50 percent. What was 17 cents (state fuel tax per gallon) of purchasing power in 1992 is now about eight cents and decreasing each year.


The cost of asphalt, concrete and steel - the staples of the industry - are as much as 200 percent more than they were in 1992.

In 2017, Missouri will not have enough money to match federal funds. Federal funds provide a $4 to $1 investment that Missouri will lose. 


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Northbound Fruitland Rest Area on I-55 Converted to Truck Parking 

Last fall a fire at the northbound Fruitland Rest Area on I-55 in southeast Missouri left the building unusable, closing the facility. Late last month, MoDOT opened the facility to primarily serve as commercial truck parking.


"We looked at rebuilding the facility versus converting it to truck parking," said MoDOT Assistant District Engineer Matt Seiler. "The cost to rebuild the rest area, not including yearly maintenance contracts, would cost Missouri taxpayers more than $115,000. We weighed that against the number of nearby private businesses offering 24-hour service to travelers. We feel converting the facility to truck parking is the best option for the taxpayers of Missouri."

Once fully converted, the site will offer more than 15 parking spaces for commercial trucks and vault restrooms. Until the vault restrooms are complete, portable restrooms will be available. Read More.

Safer Roadways


U.S. Transportation Chief Urges Mayors to Make Pedestrians a Priority
U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx, a former Charlotte mayor, recently asked a national gathering of mayors to commit to improving the safety of bicyclists and pedestrians in their communities.

"Almost 5,000 bikers, runners and walkers are dying on the sides of roads each year, and most of them in places you're from -- in cities," where three-quarters of those deaths occur," he said.

The transportation secretary said the issue was especially important for people who have few transportation options other than to bike or walk. Read More.

Have You Seen This?
Know Before You Go
Don't forget to check MoDOT's Travel Advisory Map before heading out during winter weather. It only takes a minute to be better prepared for travel by knowing the road conditions - MoDOT's Travel Advisory Map.

You can also check conditions on your mobile device with the free map app for Android and iPhone.

The map provides current views of weather-related road conditions for major Missouri highways. Conditions for major routes across the state are color-coded to give visitors the information they need at a glance. 


Or call customer service 24/7 at 1-888-ASK-MoDOT (275-6636).
Missouri Dept. of Transportation | (888) 275-6636
P.O. Box 270 Jefferson City, MO 65102-0270