November 23, 2016
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New Amtrak station opens in Arcadia

A new Amtrak station for Missouri was dedicated on Nov. 17, 2016 in Arcadia. The station is located on the Texas Eagle Amtrak intercity line which extends from Chicago to Ft. Worth, Tx. with Missouri stops in St. Louis, Arcadia and Poplar Bluff.  The Arcadia Valley stop makes a total of 13 in Missouri.  Full daily service at the station began Sunday, Nov. 20, 2016.

"We are thrilled to see another Amtrak stop in Missouri providing citizens with more transportation options," s aid MoDOT Multimodal Director Michelle Teel. "The Arcadia Valley community worked diligently to get the station added to the Amtrak system."

The Arcadia sto p is the closest Amtrak station to the Missouri Ozarks region. It is near Taum Sauk, the highest peak in the St. Francois Mountains, the largest mountain range between the Appalachians and the Rocky Mountains. Three state parks, the Mark Twain National Forest, the Ozark Trail, float trips on Black River and numerous conservation and wilderness areas are also nearby. The station offers two stops per day on the Amtrak line and is identified as ACD online at .  

Fatalities update
As of Nov. 20, there have been 829 fatalities on our roadways. This is a seven percent increase for the year, with 60% unbelted. 

Even one is too many. Remember, always buckle up to arrive alive.

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Best for biking

"Value Penguin" has rated the nation's 200 largest cities as "Best for Biking." Missouri has three of those best locations out of the top 35. To see all the rankings click here - Value Penguin.



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Transportation is personal
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The Central Motor Bank in Jefferson City was  one of the first drive-up banks built in the United States. The bank was ahead of its time when it opened in 1962 and now stands as testament to the bond that exists between transportation and commerce.

In this personal story, we take a look at the founding of the Central Motor Bank and how its creation was a result of the automobile's rising prominence in American culture.

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MoDOT wins two national awards for innovation and technology

Two special-assignment teams at MoDOT have focused on providing outstanding customer service, keeping customers and MoDOT workers safe and preparing for the transportation network of the future have won prestigious national awards from the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO).

Celebrating the two national AASHTO Awards won by MoDOT on Monday in Boston are (L-R) Chief Engineer Ed Hassinger, St. Louis Asst. District Engineer Tom Blair, Kansas City District Transportation Project Manager Mark Sommerhauser and MoDOT Director Patrick McKenna.
The "Field Traffic Alert System Team," which last month won the Governor's Award for Quality and Productivity, won AASHTO's Francis B. Francois Award for innovation. The award defines innovation as something worthwhile that establishes, increases or enhances value to the public. It also carries with it $10,000 to allow MoDOT to fund a graduate fellowship at a state university still to be determined.

The "Road to Tomorrow Team" was honored with AASHTO's President's Award for performing exemplary service that furthers the activities of MoDOT and which has, or potentially could have, a salutary impact on transportation nationwide or on a regional basis. The awards were presented earlier this week at AASHTO's Annual Meeting in Boston.

The Field Traffic Alert System team created a system to provide drivers with improved traffic information and to speed up incident response.

Road to Tomorrow is taking steps to find ways to add value to the state transportation system, to enhance its funding streams and to prepare MoDOT to integrate 21st century technologies into its transportation system and services.

The team is currently working with private sector partners to implement pilot projects to test solar roadways, smart pavement and incorporation of the "Internet of Things."

Members of the two teams are:

Brandon Campbell - Traffic Operations Engineer, Southwest District
Chris Engelbrecht - District Safety and Health Manager, Central District
Stuart Harlan - Lead Information System Technologist, Central Office
Jon Nelson - Traffic Safety Engineer, Central Office
Raymond Shank - Senior Traffic Studies Specialist, Central Office
Mark Sommerhauser - Transportation Project Manager, Kansas City District
Julie Stotlemeyer - Traffic Liaison Engineer, Central Office

Tom Blair - Asst. District Engineer, St. Louis District
Bob Brendel - Special Assignments Coordinator, Central Office
Kellen Burns - Sr. Communications Specialist, Central Office
Jennifer Harper - Research Engineer, Central Office
Jon Nelson - Traffic Safety Engineer, Central Office
James Pflum - Resident Engineer, Kansas City District
Hilary Hamlin - Information Systems Technologist, Central Office
Change the Numbers
Plan ahead for a safe and sober ride home

The holidays have arrived. And with the holidays comes more travel than usual as people across the state fill their calendars with shopping trips, parties and out-of-town family visits and vacations. For those who plan to celebrate, the Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety wants to remind Missourians to designate a sober chauffeur or arrange for a cab to avoid driving impaired this holiday season. Statewide, law enforcement will be on the lookout for impaired drivers with targeted enforcement efforts Dec. 15 through Jan. 1.

There were 86 deaths and 426 serious injuries due to crashes in Missouri during the last holiday season - that means 512 families' holidays were forever changed. Change the numbers - don't let anyone drive impaired. "We encourage all Missouri motorists to plan ahead - a safe and sober ride home means a safe and happy holiday season for everyone," says Bill Whitfield, executive chair of the coalition.

Consider some of the consequences you may face should you choose to drive impaired:
  • If you cause a fatal crash while intoxicated, you can be charged with involuntary manslaughter, a felony resulting in up to seven years of prison time, a $5,000 fine or both.
  • Your license can be suspended for 90 days on your first conviction. You could be fined up to $500 and spend up to 6 months in jail.
  • Minors may additionally be subject to a Minor in Possession citation resulting in license suspension for 90 days for first offense. This is in addition to any suspension resulting from point assessment on an alcohol conviction.
  • Insurance coverage will be difficult to find and your rates will be significantly higher.
  • To learn more, visit, or find them on social media at Save MO Lives, #DriveSoberMO.

Missouri Dept. of Transportation | (888) 275-6636
P.O. Box 270 Jefferson City, MO 65102-0270