February 18, 2016
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In pursuit of a new coffee cup?

Watch this short video to see Joni Wilson share her personal transportation story about the sudden loss of her parents, Jim and Pat Drebenstedt. The parents of six children were killed in a car crash at U.S. 61 and Mo Rt. F just south of Palmyra. Transportation affects everyone.
Buckle Up!
As of Feb 15, 
97 people have died in Missouri traffic crashes this year.

4% increase from this time last year.

56% were unbuckled.
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Have You Seen This?
MoDOT External Civil Rights Director Lester Woods, Jr. was one of a variety of speakers at the symposium.
Disadvantage Business Enterprise Symposium Strengthens Employment Opportunities

The Contractor Compliance/DBE Training Symposium was held Feb. 8-9 at the University of Missouri-St. Louis.

The annual symposium is designed to strengthen the equal employment opportunities of both MoDOT and the Missouri business community by encouraging the development of a diverse workforce.

The event featured a variety of MoDOT speakers including MoDOT Director Patrick K. McKenna, Chief Engineer Ed Hassinger, St. Louis District Engineer Greg Horn, Communications Director Fay Fleming and External Rights Director Lester Woods, Jr.

"The symposium is an excellent opportunity for contractors, MoDOT personnel and the business community to learn the best approaches to strengthening their workforce," said Woods.

Workshop sessions dealt with issues including the disadvantage business enterprise program, on-the-job training, contractor compliance, work force diversity and how to find contracting opportunities at MoDOT.

If you would like to learn more about the symposium, contact Senior Civil Rights Specialist Rose Lucas at 314-453-1877.
Saying Goodbye

As MoDOT's St. Louis District prepares to say goodbye to the 1930's Daniel Boone Bridge over the Missouri River (demolition is scheduled for today), they posted this historic photo of crews working to build the old bridge. 

Visit the project website for more information and photos - Boone Bridge.
Did You Know This?
MoDOT has 209 major bridges
those that are at least 1,000 feet long
  • They typically cross major rivers and lakes but are also included in large interchanges (flylovers).
  • The value of those 209 bridges is $7 billion.
  • They represent just 2 percent of state bridges but 25 percent of total deck area.
Here's a comparison of a typical bridge to a major bridge:

 Typical            Major

Cost to replace one bridge
Expected life
Typical detour length
Average age
$1 million
50-75 years
5 miles
45 years
$100 million
75-100 years
50 miles
36 years (but 40 of them are over 60 years old)
Commission appointments confirmed

The Missouri Senate recently confirmed the appointments of Mary Nelson (St. Louis) and John Briscoe (New London) to the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission.

Nelson's term runs until March 1, 2017, while Briscoe's ends March 1, 2021.

View From the Chair
Cost-share is a helpful tool, but not a solution to current crisis
by Steve Miller, Chair, Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission

Some have wondered over the last several weeks whether re-instating the MoDOT cost-share program or creating some other form of cost-share might offer a solution to the current funding crisis. A cost-share program can be an effective tool for certain targeted projects, but it is important to understand how it works, the appropriate uses for it and its limitations.

MoDOT developed a cost-share program to provide financial assistance to local communities in developing state highway and bridge projects those communities considered to be of particular importance. Typically, it takes the form of a project which a community hopes to expedite years ahead of schedule or a project to attract additional economic development opportunities. Historically, such projects have not been aimed at preserving the current system but in adding to it in some capacity (e.g. upgrading a two-lane corridor to four lanes or building a new interchange).

On a cost-share project, MoDOT agrees to match up to 50 percent of the total project costs on the state highway system; anything off the state system must be paid for by the local community. On certain projects with an economic development component, MoDOT may participate up to 100 percent where the Department of Economic Development verifies the creation of a targeted number of jobs. Local communities compete for such funding based on economic development, transportation need and public benefit.   Read more.
Safer Roadways

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