February 15, 2018
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Loop Trolley Company to open in St. Louis area
The Loop Trolley Company will soon be operational in University City and St. Louis. 

Recently, MoDOT's State Safety Oversight Program Manager Justin Sobeck, who oversees enforcement of safety regulations for light rail systems, joined project officials from the Federal Transit Administration and Loop Trolley Company staff to tour the trolley's new route between the Delmar Loop and Forest Park.  

The Loop Trolley is a 2.2-mile heritage trolley line that will have 10 stations serving the Missouri History Museum in Forest Park , Washington University in St. Louis , two Metrolink stations ( Forest Park - DeBaliviere station and Delmar Loop station), University City Library and all the Delmar Loop attractions.

This will be the third Rail Fixed Guideway System in Missouri. The others are Metrolink in St.Louis and the KC Streetcar in Kansas City .
The Loop Trolley is expected to be operational later this spring.

Pictured left to right:  Loop Trolley Company Operations Manager Tiffanie Manning, Trolley Operator Dewon Williams, MoDOT State Safety Oversight Program Manager Justin Sobeck; from the Federal Transit Administration Region 7 - Administrator Mokhtee Ahmad, Engineer Cindy Moses, Manager Bill Kalt and General Counsel John Lynch; Atkins Global Project Management Oversight to FTA Jena Montgomery and Virginkar and Associates Project Management Oversight to FTA Scott Rodda.  Photo by Loop Trolley Company Executive Director Kevin Barbeau.
Take the challenge: when you get into any vehicle, buckle up your safety belt. If you are a driver, put the cellphone down. Join the 2,254 people (315 of whom represent businesses) who have joined the movement so far.

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Did You Know This?
February is Earthquake Awareness Month in Missouri, with emphasis on preparedness
From the State of Missouri Emergency Management Agency

Missouri observes Earthquake Awareness Month each February to emphasize the realistic possibility of a catastrophic earthquake occurring in the New Madrid Seismic Zone. While no one can predict exactly when an earthquake will occur, scientists agree that large earthquakes in this zone still pose a risk.

When shaking starts, "Drop, Cover and Hold On." Drop to your knees, cover your head and get under a desk or table, and hold on until the shaking stops.

Studies show that in developed countries with modern structures, falling debris is the most common source of injuries.

Being prepared before an earthquake is also a key component to staying safe. Here are a few simple steps:
  • Bolt bookcases to wall studs, install strong latches on cupboards and strap water heaters to wall studs - tipping could start a fire or gas leak, leading to possible loss of water source.
  • Have an emergency kit. Include a flashlight, first aid kit, radio, drinking water and blankets. A major earthquake could take out utilities for weeks.
  • Develop a family communication plan. Identify a relative living at least 100 miles away; everyone can call to "check in" to tell family you're safe.
  • Know how to turn off your gas and water.
  • Find out if your house is covered for earthquake damage. Most homeowner insurance does not include earthquake coverage; it must be purchased separately
For more information, go to: https://sema.dps.mo.gov/earthquake_preparedness/.
Have you Seen This?
This day in transportation history

Feb. 15, 1902 -  The first nationwide advertisement for an automobile in the U.S. appeared in The Saturday Evening Post. There had been similar advertisements for automobiles as far back as 1898, but the one for the Curved Dash Oldsmobile in The Saturday Evening Post was the first to reach a coast-to-coast readership.

Here's another fun tidbit. Missouri has had a vehicle registration system based on horsepower since 1911 and is the only state in the U.S. that uses a horsepower-based registration system.

Safer Roadways

Fatality update

Did you know... What are a driver's odds of being killed in a crash - belted verses unbelted?  

Belted 1 in 1,239 vs. 
Unbelted 1 in 27!

BUCKLE UP to save your life!! 
Statewide Fatality Totals
as reported on the Missouri State
Highway Patrol website
as of Feb. 11, 2018:

2018 Totals as of 2-11-18 - 91
2017 Totals as of 2-11-17 - 87
2016 Totals as of 2-11-16 - 93
2015 Totals as of 2-11-15 - 88
2014 Totals as of 2-11-14 - 62
 2013 Totals as of 2-11-13 - 68 

Personal testimony

Click the images above to watch Dr. Krisi Ann Causa, Springfield's Mercy Hospital trauma surgeon, share her personal testimony from a trauma surgeon's perspective about the importance of buckling up and putting your phone down while driving.

Missouri Dept. of Transportation | (888) 275-6636
P.O. Box 270 Jefferson City, MO 65102-0270