July 6, 2017
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Task force begins work on Missouri transportation funding solution
Excerpt from the Missouri House of Representatives news release

A legislature-created task force has held its first hearing toward the goal of finding a long-term solution for Missouri's need for transportation funding.

The 21st Century Missouri Transportation System Task Force was created by the adoption of HCR 47, offered by Kansas City Republican Kevin Corlew. He chairs the task force.

"Our roads are crumbling and our constituents are grumbling. There seems to be a consensus that we need to do something but as of yet there's been no consensus about what needs to be done," said Corlew. "That's what this task force is about - determining if we have a need and then finding a solution with broad-based support."

Missouri Department of Transportation Director Patrick McKenna addresses the task force. Photo by Tim Bommel, Missouri House Communications.
The task force heard a presentation from the Director of the Department of Transportation Patrick McKenna in which he outlined the funding issue facing the state's transportation system.

"Nearly $55-billion of taxpayer dollars have gone into developing the really extraordinary system that we benefit from today - 34-thousand miles of road and 10,400 bridges that the state owns. It's the seventh largest system in the nation and it's funded at 47th in the nation in terms of revenue per mile," said McKenna.

McKenna also reiterated what many lawmakers already know about Missouri's bridges - many are in need of repair.  He said about 1,300 have restrictions on how much weight can be on them because of their condition.  866 more bridges are considered to be in "poor condition."

To read the full release click here - Task Force.
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Major Project
Massman and HNTB selected to design, build new Champ Clark Bridge
New bridge completion expected in fall 2019

By fall 2019, motorists traveling across the Mississippi River on U.S. Route 54 between Illinois and Missouri will enjoy a wider, safer ride. Massman Construction Company, headquartered in Kansas City, was selected today as the best value proposer to design and construct the new Champ Clark Bridge by the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission at its meeting in Bowling Green. Replacement of the bridge is a partnership between the Illinois and Missouri Departments of Transportation.

The Massman Team is comprised of Massman Construction Company serving as the prime contractor and HNTB Corporation providing the design services.

The Massman Team was one of four design-build teams competing for the contract. Design-build is a project delivery method that combines both the design and construction phases into one contract to save time and resources. This is the first design-build project in MoDOT's Northeast District.  

The Massman Team's proposal call for the new bridge to be constructed just south of the existing bridge, while traffic is maintained on the existing bridge through most of the construction. The best value selection includes a new forty-four foot wide bridge, elevating the Illinois approach to eliminate closures from flooding and improvements to the Route 54 / Route 79 intersection in Missouri.

Information about the project, including history of the existing bridge, can be found at  www.champclarkbridge.com You can receive email updates about the project by clicking on the site and subscribing to MoDOT's e-update service.
Did You Know This?
Traveling in Missouri this summer?

Know before you go!
This time of year is a busy travel season for Missourians. Make sure you have all the information you need before heading out the door for summer travel. MoDOT's website and mobile apps offer motorists several options for keeping up to date on what's happening on Missouri roadways.

Traveler Information Map App
Users of iPhones, iPads and Android mobile devices who use the app will have access to statewide traffic flow information in addition to incidents, closures, work zones and weather-related road conditions - iPhone App  or  Android App.

The Traveler Information Map can also be found on MoDOT's website - modot.org .

Text Alerts / Email Notifications
With MoDOT's E-update System you can receive email notifications on road work by county, by specific projects or statewide. You can also sign up for text alerts or email notifications for incidents and emergency closings (by county). It's easy to subscribe, and you can change or cancel your subscription anytime -  E-update.

Real Time Traffic
Real time traffic is available for these urban areas:
Kansas City - http://www.kcscout.net/

Customers can always call MoDOT's customer service centers 24/7 for road conditions and other information - 1-888-ASK-MoDOT (275-6636).

How are we doing? Take a minute to rate our work zones!

MoDOT is looking for the public's opinion on a variety of work zone details - including clear and understandable signing, channelizers and barrels providing proper guidance and whether or not the work zone caused motorists any delays.
The department uses those survey results to evaluate work zones, look for ways to improve them and meet customer expectations.
All motorists traveling through a work zone this summer are encouraged to participate in the online survey - Rate Our Work Zones - not while driving though!
Have You Seen This?
State Transportation Program focuses on system preservation

The Statewide Transportation Improvement Program, or "STIP," recently approved by the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission, will enable MoDOT to protect the current condition of state highways and bridges - a $54 billion asset that carries a $125 billion replacement cost.

The 2018-2022 STIP is MoDOT's list of projects that are planned by state and regional agencies. The draft STIP was released in May for public review and comment. "It's our commitment to our customers for the next five years," said MoDOT Director Patrick McKenna.

Transportation Planning Director Machelle Watkins told commissioners the STIP includes 605 new projects that invest in 2,247 lane-miles of interstate pavements, 3,302 miles of major route pavements, 7,462 miles of minor route pavements and 499 bridges.

Missouri has the nation's seventh largest state highway system with 33,873 miles of roadways and 10,394 bridges.

Fulfilling MoDOT's commitment to transparency and accountability, this STIP includes more detailed project information for non-highway modes of transportation compared to prior STIPs, and also includes a new section detailing the planned operations and maintenance activities for the upcoming year, alongside expenditures for those same activities in the prior year. This additional information is provided to allow Missourians to more easily see how their transportation funding is invested.

"Our legislature and the citizens of Missouri have told us loud and clear to take care of this system. This plan does just that," McKenna said. "We focus limited resources on maintaining current conditions through every region of the state. However, limited funding enables us to only tread water. We improve roads and bridges at the same rate that others fall into disrepair."

The 2018-2022 STIP lists transportation projects for fiscal years 2018 through 2022 (July 1, 2017 through June 30, 2022). It may be found on the MoDOT website at www.modot.org .
Roadway Safety
Fatality update

Did you know... between 2012 and 2014, 27 percent of motorcyclist fatalities were either unhelmeted or wearing a non-DOT compliant helmet. 
Since Friday, three motorcycle fatalities - all three unhelmeted or wearing a non-DOT compliant helmet.  If you plan to ride, please wear the proper protection!  
Statewide Fatality Totals
as reported on the
Missouri State Highway Patrol
website  as of July 2, 2017:

      2017 Totals as of 7-2-17 - 413
      2016 Totals as of 7-2-16 - 430
      2015 Totals as of 7-2-15 - 387
      2014 Totals as of 7-2-14 - 357
      2013 Totals as of 7-2-13 - 339
      2012 Totals as of 7-2-12 - 405
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