March 17, 2016
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MoDOT launches enhanced pothole patrol
Report a pothole by phone, online or your smart phone/tablet
MoDOT is kicking off an enhanced pothole repair initiative throughout the state. Through the rest of the month of March, maintenance crews are committed to repairing a pothole with asphalt as quickly as possible of it being reported. MoDOT will aggressively respond and patch potholes to keep highways smooth and safe for Missouri motorists.

"We want to get asphalt in the hole as quickly as possible. If you report it in the morning, our goal is to repair it before you drive the same road the next business day," said MoDOT State Maintenance Engineer Becky Allmeroth. "We know our aging infrastructure is prone to potholes this time of year, and we are making efforts to keep our roads as safe and smooth as possible."

Motorists can report the location of potholes using the following tools:

MoDOT spends approximately $15 million a year on pothole patching with the majority of that during the month of March. "On any given day in March, it would not be unusual to have 300 pothole patching crews on our state roadways," said Allmeroth. "Please watch out for them and move over a lane to give them room to work."

Potholes form when temperatures warm up during the day, but continue to be cold at night. This is the main cause of potholes in highways and why they are prevalent during spring season. The rain and snow from winter leave moisture that seep into the cracks and joints in the pavement. When temperatures drop, the water freezes and expands the pavement. This expansion causes the pavement to bulge and crack. When cars drive over the bulging pavement, it eventually causes chunks of pavement to pop out. 
Impaired driving changes everything!
If you choose to drive impaired this St. Patrick's Day weekend, your luck will run out. More than 200 Missouri law enforcement agencies will take part in a special impaired driving crackdown that puts additional officers on the road March 17-20.

Law enforcement 
cracking down St. Patrick's Day weekend

Drinking and driving is a lethal combination. A person who causes a fatal crash while intoxicated, can be charged with involuntary manslaughter, a felony resulting in up to seven years of prison time, a $5000 fine, or both.

To learn more, visit the Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety website at, or follow us on Facebook and Twitter at Save MO Lives.
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Boone Bridge Demolition

The second half of the old Interstate 64 Daniel Boone Missouri River Bridge in St. Louis came down earlier this month.  The second of two explosions to demolish the 80-year-old bridge. 

Click the image to watch. 
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Buckle up - It's No Joke 
Teen seat belt campaign enforces state law

Warm weather will be here soon and teens will be hitting the road to enjoy spring break, prom, and other great springtime activities.

The Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety wants teens to think about how dangerous a car ride can be if they don't buckle up. An element of this year's teen seat belt campaign reminds teens that their safety is to be taken very seriously - "Buckle Up. It's No Joke."

"Only 68 percent of Missouri's teens buckle up," said Missouri State Highway Patrol Colonel Bret Johnson. "To combat this low rate law enforcement will be out in full force March 15-31 to crack down on unbelted drivers and save lives."

Teens are most likely to follow parental example. Parents who buckle up on a regular basis have kids that make the same safe choice. Under Missouri's Graduated Driver License Law, permit drivers and all passengers must wear safety belts.

Nearly seven out of 10 vehicle occupants killed in Missouri traffic crashes in the past three years were unbuckled. When evaluating teen vehicle occupants, nearly eight out of 10 were unbuckled.

For more information visit, or find us on social media at Save MO Lives. Buckle up and ARRIVE ALIVE.
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Savings 101: students save 15 percent on Amtrak
Amtrak student discount now available for year-round travel

Students ages 17-25 can now enjoy 15 percent off the lowest available value fares all year long with the launch of the Amtrak student discount, effectively immediately. To take advantage of the discount, students must book travel three days in advance, exclusively on, and present valid photo identification onboard the train.

With spring and summer right around the corner, the discount offers students affordable fares, convenient service and the chance to travel to more than 500 destinations across Amtrak's national network.

Wherever students choose to go - whether it's visiting a college campus, following a favorite team to the next away game, planning a weekend getaway, or visiting friends and family - Amtrak allows students to skip the hassles of the road and enjoy the journey. Parents will enjoy that Amtrak offers a safe and affordable way for students to travel back and forth to school.

Students can also take advantage of comfortable, spacious seating, outlets at every seat, and free AmtrakConnect Wi-Fi on many routes to browse, post and stay connected. Plus, Amtrak's generous baggage policy allows students to bring two bags and two carry-ons for free.

Fares are subject to availability. Others restrictions may apply.
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