January 19, 2017
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New Missouri governor thanks maintenance crews

Click above to watch a short video of Governor Greitens thanking MoDOT maintenance crews and the Missouri State Highway Patrol for their work during Winter Storm Jupiter.
Missouri Governor Eric Greitens paid a visit to the Jefferson City maintenance facility on Monday, Jan. 16 to show his appreciation to all MoDOT and Missouri State Highway Patrol employees for their life-saving efforts during Winter Storm Jupiter.

"Thanks to the efforts of MoDOT and the Missouri Highway Patrol, there were fewer accidents and fewer fatalities than on an average dry day," said Greitens. "The people of Missouri were counting on you. And today, because of the work you did, people are waking up with their kids and grandkids. Families are whole because of the work you did. You saved lives. And I just want you to know how incredibly impressed I was with the work that you put in."

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As a service to motorists, MoDOT provides links on our website to weather-related road conditions, maps and toll-free hotlines for surrounding states. Click here - Traveling outside the state
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Art contest aims to "make a difference"
Students encouraged to create posters on importance of wearing a safety belt

The Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety is pleased to announce the "Make a Difference" art contest for Missouri students ages 14-19. Students can create a poster to support the importance of wearing a seat belt. The contest begins on Jan. 9 and runs through Feb. 27.

The poster must have a strong call to action and encourage peers to buckle up. Among prizes awarded, contest winners will have their posters promoted in the March Teen Seat Belt statewide media campaign.

"Traffic crashes are the number one killer of teens," said Highway Safety Director Bill Whitfield. "Only 70 percent of Missouri's teens buckle up on a regular basis compared to an overall usage of 90 percent nationwide," he said.

Too many people are not getting the message. Plain and simple, safety belts save lives. It is your responsibility to buckle up and to ensure that everyone in the vehicle with you has their safety belts on before you drive.

Wearing a safety belt is the most effective way to reduce injuries and fatalities in a crash. When worn correctly, safety belts can reduce the risk of death for front seat occupants or passenger cars by 45 percent.

For more information about the "Make a Difference" contest, visit Save MO Lives on Facebook, or log on to www.saveMOlives.com. Buckle Up and ARRIVE ALIVE.
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Each year, St. Louis ships 35 million tons of freight by barge, making it the third busiest inland port in the United States.

St. Louis even ships more freight by water than several large coastal ports, such as Philadelphia, Oakland or Boston.
Realty for sale

Did you know MoDOT sells property it no longer needs for the state highway system?

The  web application allows you to search for properties for sale. You can view detailed information about each property using our interactive mapping feature. 

Check it out here - Realty for sale.
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Fatality update

Did you know...
between 2012-2014, the two most common head-on fatalities involved wrong way drivers (37) and those who crossed the centerline (247).  

Statewide Fatality Totals
as reported on the
Missouri State Highway Patrol
website  as of Jan. 15, 2017:

2017 Totals as of 1-15-17 - 27
2016 Totals as of 1-15-16 - 38
2015 Totals as of 1-15-15 - 35
 2014 Totals as of 1-15-14 - 20 
2013 Totals as of 1-15-13 - 20
2012 Totals as of 1-15-12 - 27

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