March 3, 2016
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New online calculator shows Missourians their investment in transportation

A new online tool shows Missouri taxpayers how much they're paying in motor fuel tax and where the money is invested.

Transportation Dollar$ is an easy-to-use online application that allows citizens to enter their annual mileage and their vehicle's miles per gallon to show how much they are currently paying and what a fuel tax increase would really mean to their bottom line.

"I think people will be surprised at how little they're currently investing in the transportation system," said MoDOT Director Patrick K. McKenna. "For most drivers, a fuel-tax increase would only cost a few dollars a year."

Visitors can also find more information on the cost of maintaining Missouri's roads and bridges. The calculator page links to estimates of what it would cost to resurface one mile of two-lane road and the cost of building (or rebuilding) the same length of road. The page also digs deeper into the cost of improving the system, including estimating the funds required to rebuild Interstate 70 and to make headway on reducing the number of Missouri's 641 critical-condition bridges.

Another feature calculates the true impact of a fuel tax increase on Missouri motorists.

"There's a lot of discussion in the Missouri General Assembly about ways to secure a stable revenue stream for Missouri's transportation system," McKenna said. "The online calculator shows how little a fuel tax increase would impact your personal finances. It's less than a dollar a month for most Missouri drivers."

For instance, the calculator shows that a 1.5-cent-per-gallon tax increase on gasoline would cost a driver logging 10,000 miles a year in a vehicle that got 20 mpg only 63-cents per month.

"It's not that much per driver, but it could generate millions for Missouri's transportation system," McKenna said.

The calculator is located at:
What Will You Do?
Fatalities are preventable if drivers take proper measures to ensure their safety and the safety of others.

Follow these tips to help prevent a fatal crash:

Never drive distracted.

Be aware of your surroundings.

Always wear a seat belt, and make sure your passengers do too.

Never drive impaired by alcohol or illegal or prescription drugs.

Maintain a safe following distance behind other vehicles.

Slow down, and obey the speed limit.

Obey Missouri traffic laws.

Drive appropriately for the weather conditions.
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Have You Seen This?

Transportation, it's personal for Orgill, Inc. and the city of Sikeston

Click on the image to watch a short video on how transportation is personal for business and economic development in Missouri.

Ed Dust, director of economic development in Sikeston, and Denny Koonce, vice-president of Orgill Inc.'s Midwest division, share how Missouri's central location and our transportation system were key in Orgill bringing its Midwest Division to Sikeston and the companies plans for future expansion.

Boone Bridge demolition
The demolition of the first half of the Boone Bridge. Click above to watch a video of the explosion.

Half of the old Interstate 64 Daniel Boone Missouri River Bridge came down with a boom and a cheer last month. The first of two explosions to demolish the 80-year-old bridge went off without a hitch to the delight of hundreds of spectators who came out to watch the bridge come down. A second demolition will be held in the next few weeks.

To see more photos of the demolition, go to - demolition photos.

To watch a video of the explosion, click here or on the image above - demolition video.
Did You Know This?
Gregg Smith is the new chair of the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission.
New chair, vice chair for Highways and Transportation Commission

Gregg Smith, Clinton, is the new chair of the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission, and Stephen R. Miller, Kansas City, is the new vice chair. The commission rotated the leadership positions at its monthly meeting yesterday in Jefferson City.

Smith was appointed to the commission in June 2013. Miller has served on the commission since August 2009 and served as chair since 2014. He was vice chair in 2013.   
"I'd like to thank Steve for the leadership he's provided the past two years," Smith said. "He's kept MoDOT's long-term insufficient funding problems at the forefront and worked diligently to build non-partisan support for additional transportation investment in Missouri. I look forward to his continued support as I take over as chair."

Stephen R. Miller is the new vice chair of the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission.
"I would like to personally thank Commissioner Miller for his dedicated service as the MHTC chairman, MoDOT Director Patrick McKenna said. "I would also like to thank him on behalf of all MoDOT employees for the great things he's done for this organization.

"I also look forward to working with Chairman Smith on delivery of the 21st Century transportation system Missourians deserve."

Smith is president and owner of Gregg Smith Ford Lincoln, Inc., and Wilder RV. Miller is a partner in the Kansas City law firm Miller Schirger, LLC and focuses much of his practice on the construction industry.

The six-member bipartisan commission governs the Missouri Department of Transportation, the agency responsible for building, operating and maintaining the state highway system and supporting other transportation modes in Missouri.

Other commission members are Michael Pace, West Plains; Tom Waters, Orrick; Mary Nelson, St. Louis; and John Briscoe, New London.
Multimodal operations

MoDOT's mission includes responsibility for other modes of transportation such as rail, river, air and public transportation. In these areas, most of MoDOT's funding comes from federal sources or from state funds that must be appropriated by the Legislature from general revenue because the State Road Fund revenues are constitutionally required to be spent on roads and bridges.
Aviation - Missouri has 125 public-use airports and 35 business-capable airports.
Railroads - Missouri has 4,822 miles of mainline railroad track. Kansas City and St. Louis are the nation's second- and third-largest freight rail hubs.
Waterways - Missouri has 1,050 miles of navigable rivers and 14 public river ports, including St. Louis that is the third largest inland port in the U.S.
Public Transit - More than 70 million public transit trips are made by Missourians each year. Some form of public transportation exists in all 114 Missouri counties and the City of St. Louis.
Freight Development - Missouri is ideally suited to become a national freight leader due to its extensive transportation network and central U.S. location. Trucks, planes, barges and trains in Missouri move 1 billion tons of freight each year valued at $1.2 trillion.
Bicycle & Pedestrian - MoDOT has approximately 600 miles of shared-use paths on the state system and works with planning partners to create transportation facilities that accommodate non-motorized travel.

Learn more about these modes of transportation here - Multimodal Operations.

The above information can be found in the Meet MoDOT publication online here - Meet MoDOT.
Prepared for the unthinkable

Last month, MoDOT employees across the state participated in the annual earthquake preparedness exercise. This year's scenario included a major earthquake impacting the Southeast and St. Louis Districts. Employees across the state practiced their roles in the Incident Command Structure on how they would respond and staff for the period of 48 hours to two weeks after the earthquake. The tabletop exercise highlighted several areas of best practices and also processes that need to be worked on in case of a real earthquake. 

Before next year's drill, efforts will be made in various areas including more training and awareness of what all employees are supposed to do, processes to account for employees in the affected regions and preparing the Emergency Operation Centers throughout the state to be ready to serve as staging grounds for the earthquake recovery efforts.
Safer Roadways
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