January 21, 2016
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Transportation, it's personal

The Route H Bridge over the Cuiver River in Lincoln County carriers more than 1,700 vehicles per day. Because of the condition of the bridge, it has a load limit of 10 tons. This means school buses, garbage trucks and emergency vehicles must take alternate routes. 

Click on the image above to watch a short video to see how the condition of this bridge affects the daily lives of the Siebert family.
Traveling outside of Missouri?
New to MoDOT's Traveler Information Map - links to weather-related road conditions maps and the toll free hotlines for states surrounding Missouri.

Although MoDOT does not update or maintain these maps, links are being provided on our website as a service to Missouri motorists.

Just go to modot.org, and click on links to surrounding states under the Traveler Information heading. 
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Winter Tips
We've shared most of the information below with our Express Lane readers, but it's always good to have a reminder about steps that can make life a little easier during Missouri winter weather. 

Take a few minutes to view the short videos below on how to use MoDOT's travel information map and tips for shoveling your driveway. 
Traveler information "how to"

When winter weather hits, Missouri drivers need to know the latest road conditions. That's why MoDOT hosts the Traveler Information Map on its website. It's easy to check the map online or download it as an app for your mobile device. 

Although checking the map for winter road conditions is very popular with drivers, the map also shows work zones, incidents and other closures that help drivers get to their destination.

To make the map even easier to navigate, a short video was created to show all the options available. Check it out here - TIM How To Video.

This image shows what the traveler information map looked like on the morning of Jan. 1. Almost every area of the state was experiencing snow creating a very colorful map.
Shovel smart - here's the secret

Once should be enough when it comes to shoveling snow out of your driveway after a winter storm. Unfortunately, that snow can end up re-deposited across your driveway entrance when snowplows begin to clear the roadways. MoDOT has a simple solution to help you avoid a second round of shoveling. 

Scooping snow about 10 feet away to the left of your driveway is the key. This leaves enough room for a snow plow to deposit the excess snow in the free area you created, keeping your driveway entrance clear.

MoDOT has a video to demonstrate this snow shoveling secret. See how it works - Shovel Smart.
Safer Roadways

Missouri's current texting law prohibits drivers 21 years of age or younger from sending, reading or writing an electronic message while driving. Since 2012, commercial motor vehicle drivers are required to use hands free communication devices. 

Aren't all texting drivers just as dangerous? 

Why place limits on this deadly habit?
View From the Chair
We are at risk of squandering our natural gifts
by Steve Miller, Chairman, Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission 

Do you know how many states border Missouri? Eight - more than any other state. Can you name them? If not, you need to be able to. They are both our partners - and our competitors. The fact that we are surrounded by states on all sides is a natural resource. We sit at the hub of the greatest economic engine in the world - the United States of America. Sometimes we look to the historical and natural resources of other regions of our country and ignore the tremendous blessing we enjoy right here at home.

Missouri sits at the heart of one of the world's great river systems, has the nation's second and third largest freight rail centers and has six interstate highways connecting us in all directions. Our transportation resources are the envy of the nation. But our neighbors, who would dearly love to have some of what we naturally enjoy, must look on in complete bewilderment at how little we actually invest in these valuable assets - no consistent funding for development of rivers and ports, hand-to-mouth support for rail and ranking 47th lowest in the nation in funding per mile for our highways and bridges.

Our neighbors understand the importance of transportation investment. That's why in the last few years Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska and Arkansas - conservative red states - have all moved decisively to increase funding for transportation.
  • Several years ago, Kansas with a Republican governor and legislature passed a 0.4 percent sales tax for transportation in addition to taxes on gas and diesel that were already 24 and 26 cents per gallon respectively.
  • Two years ago, Arkansas voters, with urging from their legislative leaders and governor, passed a ½-cent sales tax for transportation to supplement gas and diesel rates of 21.5 and 22.5 cents per gallon.
  • Last year, Iowa, with a Republican governor and House, raised the state fuel tax by 10 cents from 21 cents per gallon for gas and 22.5 cents per gallon for diesel to 31 and 32.5 cents respectively.
  • And just a few months ago, the Nebraska legislature increased the state fuel tax by 1.5 cents per gallon from 26.2 cents per gallon to 27.7 cents per gallon.
All of our neighbors have higher sales taxes and all but one have higher fuel taxes (and that one - Oklahoma - has toll roads) than Missouri. Yet, all of them have state highway systems which are approximately one-third the size of ours. The regional average for our neighboring states is 25.8 cents per gallon for gasoline and 25.6 cents per gallon for diesel. Missouri has a fuel tax of 17 cents per gallon which has not been increased in 20 years, no tolling and no support from general sales tax.

As we know, businesses pay close attention to infrastructure investments. And, Missouri is competing not only nationally but in a global market place for businesses, jobs and opportunity. Economic development specialists say that the two most important factors in attracting new businesses are a quality workforce and proximity to critical transportation corridors. What impression do you think Missouri is making in this global marketplace?  Read More.
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