May 24, 2018
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Watch out for summer work zones
No work planned over Memorial Day weekend

MoDOT will suspend work zone operations during the Memorial Day holiday weekend.

Most routine work zones will stop at noon Friday, May 25 and will resume at 9 a.m. Tuesday, May 29. While most work zones will not be active over the Memorial Day weekend, it may be necessary for some lane closures to remain in place.

In an effort to keep motorists informed, MoDOT has developed a list of significant work zones across the state. Many of the work zones may cause congestion and traffic delays especially during the peak travel times of daily rush hours and weekends including Friday evenings and Sunday afternoons.

Distracted driving and following too closely are two of the main causes of work zone crashes. Drivers are reminded to plan ahead, pay attention to warning signs, wear seat belts, put their phone down, obey the speed limit and don't drink and drive.

Over the 2017 Memorial Day holiday weekend, nine people died and 496 were injured in 1,122 traffic crashes.

Information on all MoDOT work zones statewide is available on the department's Traveler Information Map located at The map is available as a free app for iPhone and Android phones. The map displays current traffic speed conditions and live camera views. Motorists can also call MoDOT's 24/7 customer service toll free at 1-888-ASK-MoDOT (275-6636).

To see the complete list of Missouri's major work zones click here - Work Zones.
Take the challenge: when you get into any vehicle, buckle up your seat belt. If you are a driver, put the cell phone down. Join the 2,428 individuals and 386 businesses who have joined the movement so far.

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Border to border seat belt initiative kicks off
2018 Click it or Ticket

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration kicked off the 2018 Click It or Ticket seat belt initiative on Monday. Border to Border, a one-day national seat belt awareness event was coordinated by participating state highway safety offices and their respective law enforcement liaisons. B2B aims to increase law enforcement participation by coordinating highly visible seat belt enforcement and providing seat belt fact sheets for drivers at heavily traveled locations at state lines. The B2B event begins Click It or Ticket week, which runs through June 3 and covers the busy Memorial Day holiday weekend.

"Past Border to Border initiatives have proved helpful toward our overall goal of spreading the message about the importance of buckling up," said Colonel Sandra K. Karsten, superintendent of the Missouri State Highway Patrol. The focus of B2B is on the nighttime hours when seat belt use is at its lowest. "We are working across the state to do all we can to keep our drivers and passengers safe. Wearing a seat belt is the number one thing anyone can do to help prevent death or injury during a vehicle crash," she said.

The B2B program is also a successful study in collaboration between local law enforcement offices: During the 2017 B2B program, participating nationwide law enforcement offices issued citations for 5,695 seat belt and child car seat violations, as well as 14,619 citations for other traffic infractions. This, in turn, reminded drivers to drive safer.

According to NHTSA, nearly half (48 percent) of the passenger vehicle occupants killed in crashes in 2016 were unrestrained. From 6 p.m. to 5:59 a.m., that number soared to 56 percent of those killed. That's why one focus of this year's B2B and Click It or Ticket campaigns is nighttime enforcement. During the week of Click It or Ticket, participating law enforcement agencies will be taking a no-excuses approach to seat belt law enforcement, writing citations day and night. In Missouri the maximum penalty for a seat belt violation is $10.

"If one of your friends or a family member does not buckle up when they drive, please ask them to change their habit," said Colonel Karsten. "Help us spread this life-saving message before one more friend or family member dies needlessly. Seat belts save lives, and everyone - front seat and back, child and adult - needs to remember to buckle up - every trip, every time."

For more information on the Click It or Ticket mobilization, please visit or
Fatality update

Did you people age, fitness-to-drive (the ability to drive safely) can be compromised by changes in vision, movement, thinking and memory. Nearly half of all older drivers (age 65 and over) involved fatal crashes in Missouri take place at intersections.

Statewide Fatality Totals 
as reported on the 
Missouri State Highway Patrol 
website as of May 20, 2018: 

2018 Totals as of 5-20-18 - 296
2017 Totals as of 5-20-17 - 319
2016 Totals as of 5-20-16 - 308
2015 Totals as of 5-20-15 - 282
2014 Totals as of 5-20-14 - 257
2013 Totals as of 5-20-13 - 231
Have You Seen This?
Recycling makes cents for MoDOT

MoDOT knows that practicing the three "Rs" - reduce, reuse, recycle - has its benefits. It's good for the environment. Plus, it allows MoDOT to stretch available resources to counter rising material and labor costs.

Last year, MoDOT saved taxpayers $17.5 million by using recycled components like roof shingles and recycled pavement in 3.2 million tons of new asphalt pavement.

"The $17.5 million savings is equivalent to improving more than 384 miles of two-lane roadway with a thin overlay," said Jonathan Varner, MoDOT intermediate materials specialist.

Over the past five years, MoDOT has used 4.2 million tons of recycled material in hot-mix asphalt roadway projects. Additionally in 2017, MoDOT also used 31,000 tons of recycled concrete, steel/aluminum and timber.

Recycling efforts in MoDOT's internal operations also saves money and cuts down on the volume in Missouri landfills. MoDOT recycled 2,455 tons of materials in 2017, up 333 tons from 2016. Most of that tonnage came from scrap metal and scrap tires.

"There is a cost to recycle some items," Varner said. "But there is a cash return from the recycling of other materials." The net revenue gain to MoDOT in 2017 was $282,000.

More info can be found here: MoDOT Recycling Statistics, 2010-2017.
Prop and Wings branch insignia of the U.S. Army Air Service. From Wikipedia.
This day in transportation history

May 24, 1918 - The U.S. Army Air Service, a forerunner of the U.S. Air Force, was created by President Woodrow Wilson as an independent but temporary agency of the U.S. War Department during World War I.

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