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December IRP renewal underway - save time with these tips
It is (past) time to file an IRP renewal application for those whose apportioned license plates expire Dec. 31, yet many have not started the process. Please visit to file online with MoDOT Carrier Express, any time.

For the fastest service, email supporting documents to
See the story below for a list of documents.

When emailing documents, you will receive a return email acknowledging receipt of your message. Please do not call to verify receipt unless an hour has passed without a return email from MoDOT MCS. Remember to refresh your mailbox periodically.

The best way to ensure timely receipt of your credentials (prior to Jan 1) is to submit documents now. You can file an application and submit documents now, then wait to pay later. Even if you decide to accept the late pay penalty (after December 1), gathering and submitting documents now means you can telephone and ask questions before the large volume of calls occur in late December. You’re likely to spend much less time on hold. 
Pay the invoice and obtain a copy of your cab card through MoDOT Carrier Express to save even more time. 

MCS is available by telephone from 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.(CT), Monday through Friday.

Please keep in mind that the doors of our office are closed. Document drop-off and in-person visits remain suspended. No walk-in service is available.
IRP Supporting Documents Explained
Carriers who renew IRP registration of the existing fleet must submit three documents in addition to completing an application. The three documents are:

A report of actual miles accrued by the fleet during the mileage reporting period. For Dec. renewals, report miles from July 1, 2019 - June 30, 2020. 

A copy of a 2019 personal property tax receipt for all vehicles, owned or leased.

Submission of an IRS 2290 Form for July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021 - Heavy Vehicle Use Tax receipt

Those whose IRP plates expire Dec. 31 or March 31 are advised that every December, the IRS closes its public interface for updating its systems and for training. Be certain your IRS 2290 receipt is in hand by November 30 to avoid renewal delays.

Helpful IRS sites for motor carriers:
2021 UCR enforcement begins January 1
Enforcement of Unified Carrier Registration for 2021 begins Jan. 1

Those subject to UCR should file online at or hire a service to do so. Fees for next year are the same as for 2020.

For support or questions, call 1-866-831-6277 or email us at Our team can answer questions but cannot complete the registration process for you.

If you are logged in to MoDOT Carrier Express, reach the national system website by clicking the UCR tab.

Registration and payment must be completed electronically by a method of the user's choice.
Did you get it?
MCS sends message received notices
When you submit a fax or send us an email at, it’s natural to wonder if your message arrived safely.
Rest assured - within 15 minutes, you should receive a confirmation fax or email, letting you know your document(s) arrived.
Please resist the urge to call to confirm receipt until 60 minutes have passed with no “message received” notice from us.
We hate for you to wait on hold while a confirmation is on its way back to you. Looking for the message first will also help keep MoDOT agents available for faster service when you call for other reasons.
Thanks for your cooperation. 
IFTA 2021 licenses and decals shipped
IFTA account holders whose accounts are in good standing should soon receive 2021 decals and documents, if they haven't already arrived.

If the driver carries both the 2020 and 2021 IFTA license with them, the 2021 IFTA decal can be affixed to the truck immediately.

If you do not receive the new IFTA items by Dec. 3, please login to MoDOT Carrier Express or contact our office to discover and resolve any issues.
MoDOT Carrier Express login security enhanced
Users prompted to set up profile
Last spring, a security upgrade to MoDOT Carrier Express, our online system, improved the password protection of your account.

If you have not logged in since May 2020 or later, you will be prompted to set up a new user profile. The profile consists of the users name, email address and phone number.

The information in the new user profile will make it easier for you to manage your userID and password.

As is the case with many of your accounts with other organizations, verification of a userID and requests to change passwords will occur through a simple email process. 

Your account’s UserID will remain the same as the one assigned to your company when you first used MCE, however, now you can request additional userIDs for assignment to other individuals if more than one person accesses the system on your company’s behalf.

This option is not available for permit services or insurance companies. These types of MCE accounts are unique and still require a single login.

Those who update their password or request an additional userID should know that passwords must now be more robust. In order to be valid, a password must:
  • Include at least 8 characters,
  • At least 4 characters must be letters – and one letter must be capitalized,
  • At least one special character – e.g. ~`!@#$%^&*()-_=+[]{}\|;:’”,<>./? ,
  • At least 1 number, and
  • The password cannot include the account’s userID.

Please contact MoDOT Motor Carrier Services at or call 1-866-831-6277 with any questions. 
Are you registered with the FMCSA Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse?
The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse is nearly a year old. 

A query must be conducted on all drivers at least annually. That means time is running out if you have yet to run queries on your CDL-required drivers. 

Even if you have nothing to report in the Clearinghouse you must still register. There are no registration fees, however employers are charged a fee to conduct limited and full queries.

As a reminder, newly hired drivers are required to have a pre-employment query conducted prior to driving. 

You can find more information on the Clearinghouse, including registration information and query plans at
Dates of Note
26 - Thanksgiving Day - MoDOT offices closed
27 - MoDOT offices closed by order of Gov. Michael Parson
1 - Carriers with apportioned plates that expire Dec. 31 must pay renewal fees by this date.
25 - Christmas Day - MoDOT offices closed
31 - 2020 OSOW Blanket permits expire
2020 IFTA license expires
2020 Intrastate Authority stickers expire
- New Years Day - MoDOT offices closed
2021 IFTA decals must be displayed
2021 UCR enforcement begins
Carriers with apportioned plates that expire Mar. 31 must file a renewal application and
submit supporting documents by this date.
1-31 IFTA 4th Quarter 2020 filing period & IFTA Annual Filers 2020 filing period
11 – Inauguration Day for Missouri Governor
18 - Martin Luther King, Jr. Day - MoDOT offices closed
12 – Lincoln Day (Friday) - MoDOT offices closed
15 – Washington’s Birthday – MoDOT offices closed
PLEASE NOTE: In 2021, the February holidays result in a 4-day holiday/weekend closure
1 - Carriers with apportioned plates that expire Mar. 31 must pay renewal fees by this date.
MoDOT Offices Closed

Thurs., Nov. 26 - Thanksgiving Day
Fri., Nov 27 - Closed by Governor's Order
Fri., Dec. 25 - Christmas Day
Fri., Jan. 1 - New Year's Day
Mon., Jan. 18 - Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
Fri., Feb 12 - Lincoln Day
Mon., Feb 15 - Washington's Birthday
During these periods, oversized loads are not allowed to use Missouri highways.
Thanksgiving - Nov. 25 - Nov. 30
Christmas - Dec. 24 - Dec. 28
New Year's Day - Dec. 31 - Jan. 2

Restricted periods begin at noon on the first day and end 30 minutes before sunrise on the last day.