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New Leadership for Motor Carrier Services
Jerica Holtsclaw is the new director of the Missouri Department of Transportation’s Motor Carrier Services division. Her appointment was effective Aug. 1.

Holtsclaw most recently served as the planning and programming coordinator for MoDOT’s Transportation Planning Division. She has worked for MoDOT in a variety of engineering capacities, including design and project management.

“Being a 4-H leader, I live the motto of ‘To Make the Best Better,’” Holtsclaw said. “I’m delighted to have the opportunity to use my diverse background to develop our employees and deliver outstanding service to our customers.”

Holtsclaw earned a degree in civil engineering from Missouri University of Science and Technology. She and her husband, Brent, have one daughter, Maci.
Eric Bernskoetter was named MCS’ assistant director earlier this month. He most recently served as the division's program manager, overseeing the Compliance Communication Center. During nearly 20 years with MoDOT, he has worked in several divisions, including planning and information systems.

Eric earned a degree in Business Administration from Lincoln University. He and his wife, Kerri, are the parents of a son, twin daughters and survive their young daughter. They enjoy hiking in the mountains, spending time at the river and cheering their daughters' college volleyball teams.

Steve Meystrik , MCS’ former assistant director is now MoDOT's Director of Human Resources.  
Recent Alabama fuel tax change affects 3rd Quarter IFTA filing
On September 1, 2019, the State of Alabama's fuel tax rate changed. Carriers that traveled the state will pay one rate for July and August miles and another for those traveled in September. It will be important to organize records of miles traveled and fuel purchased by date before figuring the tax owed to Alabama this quarter.
For those who file IFTA through MoDOT Carrier Express, our online system, the rates will figure automatically.
Find the official letter with rate information here: Alabama Notice to IFTA Jurisdictions 
ELD deadline approaches
After December 16, 2019, all motor carriers and drivers subject to the ELD rule will be required to use electronic logging devices (ELDs) to record hours-of-service data. To help the motor carrier industry and ELD providers prepare for this important deadline, FMCSA created a webpage, to provide news and information specifically designed for drivers and motor carriers; ELD providers and law enforcement partners.
Choosing an ELD system that is right for you
Electronic Logging Devices are designed to comply with FMCSA's criteria to accurately record a driver's driving time for Hours of Service compliance. But did you know that the International Registration Plan and the International Fuel Tax Agreement each allow the use of electronic devices to document vehicle distance by jurisdiction - provided the required supporting data are retained for IFTA and IRP audit purposes? 

Not every ELD is compliant for IFTA and IRP purposes or vice versa. Beware of vendors stating that their systems are IFTA- or IRP-certified. There is no such certification. 

Click here to visit the IRP, Inc. webpage  to learn the key differences and similarities between an ELD and an IFTA/IRP-compliant electronic records device.
While you're doing online research,  check this FMCSA site . It lists Registered ELDs that are self-certified by the manufacturer for HOS reporting. Note that there are multiple pages to the list of more than 400 devices.

IFTA and IRP records must be maintained for a number of years. If using an ELD to report vehicle distance, be certain to retain all records.
2020 UCR Registration Period is Delayed
The Unified Carrier Registration Board of Directors announced the 2020 registration period is delayed until further notice while the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration completes its rulemaking process. The board will recommend that states delay enforcement for three months from the start of registration, when it occurs.
MoDOT will send a postcard and email when we receive notice that we can start the 2020 registration year.
Gather Supporting Documents Ahead of IRP Renewal
Apportioned license plate renewals must include:

Reporting of actual miles accrued by the fleet during the mileage reporting period. For Dec. renewals, report miles from July 1, 2018 - June 30, 2019. 

Submission of a personal property tax receipt listing all vehicles

Submission of an IRS 2290 Form - Heavy Vehicle Use Tax receipt

Renewal applications are due the first day of the quarter in which the plate expires. Payment is due the first day of the month of expiration. Penalties apply after due dates.

We encourage carriers to file an application and to pay online. Find step-byinstructional guides on using MoDOT Carrier Express Please note that phone lines are busiest in the weeks between the payment due date and shortly after plate expiration - for the next period, that means the phones will be busiest Dec. 1-31 and into the early weeks of January.

Those whose IRP plates expire Dec. 31 or March 31 are advised that every December, the IRS closes its public interface for updating its systems and for training. Be certain your IRS 2290 receipt is in hand by November 30 to avoid renewal delays.

Helpful IRS sites for motor carriers:
Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse Mandate
Effective January 6, 2020, all motor carriers employing drivers requiring a CDL must report drug and alcohol violations to the Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse. Driver pre-employment queries to the Clearinghouse must also be conducted prior to CDL driver employment.  

The Clearinghouse is a secure on-line database which will provide access to real-time information, ensuring drivers committing drug and alcohol violations complete the necessary steps before getting back behind the wheel or performing a safety sensitive function.  

Motor Carrier Responsibilities:
  • Create an account with the Clearinghouse if one or more drivers is subject to the FMCSA drug and alcohol testing requirements
  • Conduct pre-employment queries to verify prospective drivers do not have prior drug or alcohol violations
  • Verify the return to duty process if prior violations are discovered
  • Conduct queries of the Clearinghouse at least once a year on current drivers
  • Report any drug and alcohol violations discovered on your CDL required drivers
  • Continue to conduct a 3 year previous employer inquiry for drug and alcohol violations until January 6, 2023.

Registration with the Clearinghouse will begin this fall.  Please visit to choose a Query Plan and find more information.   
Making the most of the MoDOT Traveler Information Map
See what is up ahead with Traffic functions
Most folks use MoDOT’s Traveler Information Map for road condition information. Did you know the maps can also tell you about slowdowns or show you images of traffic?

Click the T raffic Conditions/Real-time Traffic option to see a red/yellow/green indicator of traffic speeds and the length of a particular slow-down. Zoom to see traffic conditions near you.

To get an actual picture of traffic, tap into MoDOT's traffic cameras . Click the toggle to bring up the cameras, then zoom into an area. Click the camera icon and up pops a view of the traffic lanes. One popular use in our office - visual checks of road conditions as winter storms move across the state.

Cameras tend to be located where congestion occurs. Note that the map includes some camera views on the Kansas side of the KC metro area. (Thanks, KC Scout!)

Find Traffic Functions - mobile devices
Open the MoDOT Map app and touch the menu icon (AKA - the "hamburger") and choose your option.
Find Traffic Functions - desktop/laptop
Visit the website -
Scroll down the options on the left side of the map to find the Traffic functions near the bottom.

Chrome users: To adjust Site Settings to allow Flash to operate, click the "Not Secure" information button in the URL bar, then choose Site Settings. Go to Flash and Select "Allow." Press F5 to reload and pictures will appear.
October 29 is BUCKLE UP PHONE DOWN Day

The challenge is simple: when you get into any vehicle, buckle up your safety belt. If you are a driver, put the cellphone down. Turn it off if you have to. Every trip, every time! 

Accept the challenge and challenge a friend, relative or members of your community to buckle their seat belts and put their phones down while driving. Sign up here to show your support. Scroll down that page to see if your company has joined the effort.
Dates of Note
30  – Carriers with apportioned plates expiring today must display new credentials tomorrow.
1  - Carriers with apportioned plates that expire Dec. 31 must file an IRP renewal application
by this date.
1-31  - -IFTA 3rd Quarter 2019 fuel tax filing period
14  - Columbus Day - MoDOT offices closed
29 - Buckle Up Phone Down Day
11 - Veterans Day - MoDOT offices closed
15 - Intrastate Operating Authority renewals - File by date to receive 2020 decals by Jan 1
18 - 2020 IFTA decals mailed to accounts in good standing this week.
28 - Thanksgiving Day - MoDOT offices closed
1 - Carriers with apportioned plates that expire Dec. 31 must pay renewal fees by this date.
25 - Christmas Day - MoDOT offices closed
31 - 2019 OSOW Blanket permits expire
2019 IFTA license expires
2019 Intrastate Authority stickers expire
1 - New Years Day - MoDOT offices closed
2020 IFTA decals must be displayed
20 - Martin Luther King, Jr. Day - MoDOT offices closed
MoDOT Offices Closed
Mon., Oct. 14 - Columbus Day
Mon., Nov. 11 - Veterans Day
Thurs., Nov. 28 - Thanksgiving Day
Wed., Dec. 25 - Christmas Day
Wed., Jan. 1 - New Years Day
Mon., Jan. 20 - Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
Weds., Feb. 12 - Lincoln Day
Mon., Feb. 17 - Washington's Birthday
Fri., May 8 - Truman Day
During these periods, oversized loads are not allowed to use Missouri highways.
Thanksgiving - Nov. 27 - Dec. 2
Christmas - Dec. 24 - Dec. 26
New Years Day - Dec. 31 - Jan. 2
Memorial Day - May 22 - May 26
Independence Day - July 3 - July 6
Labor Day - Sept. 4 - Sept. 8
Thanksgiving - Nov. 25 - Nov. 30
Christmas - Dec. 24 - Dec. 28
Restricted periods begin at noon on the first day and end 30 minutes before sunrise on the last day.