January 22, 2015
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MoDOT Unveils Proposed Road and Bridge Plan

MoDOT has outlined its plan for taking care of roads and bridges with a severely reduced construction budget. 


"Missouri's 325 System" calls for MoDOT to focus its limited resources on approximately 8,000 miles of Missouri's 34,000-mile state highway system. The 8,000 miles make up the state's primary roads and are the highways that connect cities across the state. 

The department will use its annual construction budget - which is expected to drop to $325 million in 2017 - to keep these primary roads in the good condition they are in today with maintenance and rehabilitation work such as overlays and bridge replacements. Enhancements, though, such as interchange improvements or road widening, will not be possible.

The remaining miles of roads and bridges will make up the state's supplementary system and will receive only limited routine maintenance. That means MoDOT crews will do the best they can to maintain roads and bridges on the supplementary system with internal resources. Work will include filling potholes, patching pavement and flushing and sealing bridge decks.  With only limited routine maintenance, however, these roads will deteriorate.

"We need at least $485 million to maintain roads and bridges in the condition they are today, so facing a $325 million budget means making some tough choices," MoDOT Director Dave Nichols said. "In addition, Missouri won't be able to match federal funds in 2017, which provides a $4 to $1 investment. That revenue will be lost to other states.

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MoDOT Newsletter Has a New Look for 2015
MoDOT's Express Lane Newsletter has a whole new look and feel for 2015. The newsletter can be viewed in the body of an email and is mobile device friendly.

We hope you like the new version. 
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Did You Know?

Fuel tax revenues have become a diminishing revenue stream for MoDOT as cars become more fuel efficient.

The fuel tax rate has not increased for almost 20 years, while the cost of doing business continues to rise.

Off The Road News

Yes You CAN Make Missouri Litter-Free

Help in the fight against litter in the Show-Me State. School classes and groups can join in the fight against litter by participating in the "Yes You CAN Make Missouri Litter-Free" trash-can-decorating contest.

The annual trash-can contest encourages school classes and groups to join in the fight against litter by decorating and displaying a large trash can with the "No MOre Trash!" logo and a litter-prevention message using a variety of creative media.

First-place winners from each competition category receive $200 awarded to the sponsoring schools. All first-place winners are then eligible for a grand prize of a trophy and $600 awarded to the sponsoring school.

There is no entry fee for the contest. Participating school groups must submit a completed entry form online and up to three photos by Friday, March 13, 2015.

Click here for more information and to register - You CAN.


Safer Roadways

Don't Get Caught in the "No Zone". Click below to see how to drive safely around big rigs.


Have You Seen This?
U.S. 69 Bridge Demolition in KC Metro

Portion of the U.S. 69 Highway Bridge over the Missouri River connecting Platte County, Mo. and Wyandotte County, Ks. was demolished on Jan. 16. Crews are now working to remove the river span.


The current dual bridge structure consisting of the Platte Purchase Bridge and the Fairfax Bridge will be replaced with a single structure beginning this fall. This project, which is expected to open to traffic in December, 2016, is shared between MoDOT and the Kansas DOT.

Learn more about this project online - U.S. 69 Bridge

Follow updates on twitter - https://twitter.com/MoDOT_KC, #us69MoRiverBridge

Watch a video of the demolition of both spans - Video

Span 1 - Photos

Span 2 - Photos

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