MoDOT construction and maintenance work likely to impact professional drivers next week.
Sept. 6-12, 2019
Interstate 70 Closure and High Impact Work on US 65

Two extra-impactful events start Friday, Sept. 6 - a full closure of a several mile section of Interstate 70 in Kansas City and the closure of the northbound lanes of US 65 between US 60 and Sunshine St. in Springfield.

Details and detours for each are included in each highway's section of this report.

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A continued reminder -
All Missouri River crossings north of US 36 in St. Joseph remain closed due to flood damage. Please check the MoDOT Traveler Information Map for road condition information.
Interstate 29 Work Zones
MM 67-84 - Mound City - Pavement work
Crews will close one lane in each direction in short sections as the interstate lanes receive a new surface .
Interstate 35 Work Zones
MM 77-78 Pattonsburg - Bridge Reconstruction
Full closure of Exit 78 overpass for bridge reconstruction.
I-35 traffic may be routed up/down the ramps through the project's completion in September 2019.

Exit 16 - Kansas City Int'l Airport - Mo. 152 Bridge Rebuild
The new bridges are open weeks ahead of schedule!

More construction work continues. Expect occasional lane closures in the area through next year at this time.
Interstate 44 Work Zones

MM 284-289 -  St. Louis, Mo . - Lane Shifts and lane closures for bridge improvements.
Expect slower speeds and challenging conditions.
Consider I-64 as an alternate route.

MM 274-277  -  Fenton - West of I-44/I-270 junction -
One lane east and westbound closed through 2021 as Meramec River Bridge and surrounding area are rehabilitated.

MM 275 - Fenton - Bridge Inspection - Meremac River
One lane closed Monday through Wednesday 9 am to 3 pm as crews inspect the bridge structure. Inspection crews are particularly vulnerable and request drivers' operate with extra safety vigilance.

MM 41-50 - Mount Vernon - Eastbound bridge replacement
Traffic is reduced to one lane in each direction, moving in a head-to-head pattern in the westbound lanes until mid-fall. Expect a 60 mph speed limit and possible delays during heavy traffic periods.
During major backups, traffic might be diverted onto a detour.

Currently, eastbound traffic remains reduced to one lane for a few miles following the head-to-head traffic location. Expect a slightly longer delay when eastbound.
Those traveling via an OSOW permit must not deviate from the prescribed route. Either contact MoDOT for a new route or pull off the interstate to wait out the backup. Project website.

MM 7-4 -  Joplin  - Eastbound bridge rehabilitation
One lane open as bridge surface is rehabilitated, through mid-September.

Pavement work  - Much pavement work is done at night. Be prepared for workers close to active lanes, bright lights and reduced speeds.
MM 224-230 - Sullivan
MM 145 - 156 -  Hazelgreen - westbound lanes
MM 92-99 - Marshfield
MM 29-60 - Sarcoxie to Halltown
MM 9 - 18 - East of Joplin
Interstate 49 Work Zones
MM 146-158 - Archie/Harrisonville - Pavement work
Crews will remove and replace surface pavement on southbound lane. Daily except Sunday. Expect a single lane and slow traffic through November.
Interstate 55 Work Zones
MM 86 - 89 - Kelso/Scott City - Ramp/connection work
Crews will construct new interchange, ramps and connections to US 61 and Rte PP (Future I-55 Exit # 88) Expect intermittent 24 hour, lane closures, one lane open to traffic at all times NB and SB through December.

Exit 67 - Miner/Sikeston - Bridge Maintenance
Deck repair of I-55 bridge above US 62. One lane closed during daylight hours on Monday and Tuesday, weather permitting.
Interstate 57 Work Zones
MM 0 - 7 - Sikeston / East of Bertrand - Pavement Work
Asphalt resurfacing of all lanes. Watch for moving operations and lanes closed for guardrail work and to allow surface to cure.

Interstate 70 will CLOSE from MM 7 to MM 15
Friday night, Sept. 6 to as late as the early hours of Monday, Sept. 9

Interstate 70 Work Zones
Ramp demolitions at the I-70/I-435 interchange.

Friday, Sept 6 - lane reductions begin at 7 pm.
Traffic will taper down to one lane that must exit
Eastbound traffic will reroute to I-435 South, travel I-470 to I-70.
Westbound traffic will reroute to I-470 South, travel I-435 to I-70.

All ramps between I-435 and I-470 will be CLOSED.

While I-70 is closed for the ramp demolitions, crews will complete other much-needed maintenance work on the 7-mile stretch, including lighting repairs, median barrier wall repairs, drainage work and paving operations

MM 168 - Mineola Hill - Westbound Bridge Reconstruction
Expected completion in August 2020.

Two lanes, narrowed to 10' 9" with narrow shoulders, should be open most of the time. Speed limit of 60 mph.
For most of the project, two lanes will be available.

When possible, truck drivers, please use the right lane to climb the hill out of the valley and leave the left lane open for passenger vehicles. This will help keep traffic flowing and prevent delays all the way back to the entry of the work zone.

MM 62 - 64 and MM 70- 72 East of Sweet Springs Single left lane closure of westbound lanes during daytime hours

MM 38-53 Odessa/Concordia Daytime rock work will require occasional lane closures through November.

MM 3 - 10 - Kansas City - I-435/I-70 Interchange reconstruction
Expect delay. See above for important Sept. 6 - 9 information. Replacement or rehab of several bridges, pavement upgrade and addition of a lane.

See below for important Chiefs' game day information.

Work continues through Spring 2020. Project website

Pavement work  - Much pavement work is done at night. Be prepared for workers close to active lanes, bright lights and reduced speeds.

MM 98 - 101 - West of Boonville - Nighttime pavement work
MM 188 - 190 - Truxton
MM 224 - 229 - Mid Rivers to Missouri River
Interstate 229 Work Zones
MM 4 - St. Joseph - Two Ramps OPEN, One remains closed at
I-229 and US 36
Bridge joint repairs are nearly complete. One ramp will remain closed for the near future while a needed part is sourced.

Motorists in the area may have become accustomed to the signals on U.S. Route 36 at this interchange being green for through traffic. With the reopening of two ramps, the signals will be active again and drivers should be prepared to stop .

  • Ramp from U.S. Route 36 westbound to I-229 southbound
  • Ramp from I-229 northbound to U.S. Route 36 (both directions)
  • Ramp from I-229 southbound to U.S. Route 36 eastbound.
Interstate 435 Work Zones
MM 70-76 - Kansas City - I-435 South Loop Link
Replacement or rehab of several bridges, pavement upgrades and addition of a fifth lane in each direction. Expect lane closures and delays.Work continues through Spring 2020. Project website

MM 63 - I-435 and I-70 Interchange - Kansas City -

Saturday - Aug 24 - 1 pm to 9 pm - the following ramps will close temporarily:
  • I-435 South to I-70 East
  • I-435 North to I-70 West

Beginning September 6 , these ramps will close for demolition.
This will require a FULL CLOSURE of I-70 the weekend of Sept. 6. Details will be released soon.

Please see the note regarding Chiefs' home game days below.

Bridge reconstruction and removal of I-70 left-hand exits.
This works involves various lane and ramp closures and will have impacts to traffic. Plan ahead or consider an alternate route.  Through December 2020. Project website

MM 55-57 - Kansas City - I-435 at Missouri River
Bridge deck replacement, structure repair and reinforcement.. Expect single lane closures and slower traffic through 2021.
Chiefs' game days likely to see delays at
I-70/I-435 construction area in Kansas City
Next Game Day: Sunday, Sept. 22
During the construction of the new I-435 and I-70 interchange, drivers will generally experience only slight delays. Exceptions are expected on Kansas City Chief home game days.

In addition to normal traffic, game days add vehicles carrying as many as 76,000 fans who begin arriving up to four hours before kickoff and tend to leave at the same time.

On the following days (times subject to change), MoDOT advises drivers to choose from one of many other alternate routes in the Kansas City metro area that connect with both I-70 and I-435.

Sunday, Sept. 22 - 12 noon start
Sunday, Oct. 6 - 7 pm start
Sunday, Oct. 13 - 12 noon start
Sunday, Oct 27 - 7 pm start
Sunday, Nov. 3 - 12 noon start
Sunday, Dec. 1 - 12 noon start
Sunday, Dec 15 - 12 noon start
Sunday, Dec. 29 - 12 noon start
Post-season games TBA - Go Chiefs!
Mo 34/74 - Emerson Bridge - Cape Girardeau
Bridge expansion joint repair. Bill Emerson Bridge

One lane traffic in each direction, moving in a head-to-head arrangement. Expect reduced speeds.
Repairs expected to last through October.
US 24 - Salisbury - Chariton County
Head-to-head traffic - East of Salisbury
During the reconstruction of two bridges over the Little Fork of the East Chariton River, one lane will be open in each direction. The project is expected to be completed in Feb. 2020.

Head-to-Head traffic - West Keytesville
Reconstruction of two bridges. One lane of traffic in each direction AND temporary signals to guide traffic. Expect a slight delay and slower speeds.
US 60 - Monett - Barry County
A large bridge deck replacement in Monett is expected to increase congestion and might cause delays.

STARTING AUG. 5 - US 60 is reduced to one lane in each direction and all traffic uses the eastbound lanes in a head-to-head arrangement through Thanksgiving, weather and other factors permitting. Expect lowered speed limits and some delay.

Through traffic is encouraged to use alternate routes such as Interstates 44 and 49.
US 63 - Several locations
Between Jefferson City and Columbia

Seven bridges to be improved later this season - One lane open in each direction at all times. Plan for delays, especially on Friday afternoons and Saturdays.

Gans Creek and Turkey Creek Bridges - northbound traffic is limited to one lane on each bridge. Expect delays and slow traffic.
ALL NORTHBOUND LANES of US 65 (Springfield) between US 60 and Sunshine St. now CLOSED through Sept. 20.
US 65 - Springfield to Ozark
FINAL PHASE of US 65 rebuild in Springfield begins
Contractor accelerates schedule for northbound completion.

  • Sept 6 - 20 - All Northbound lanes of US 65 CLOSE between US 60 and Sunshine.
  • Sept. 20 - Nov. 1 - Nighttime single lane closures for shoulder, guardrail and striping work.

Alternates : MoDOT recommends that through traffic choose one of the following routes

Travelers already using US 65 North
To reconnect with US 65
exit at US 60 and use US 60 East to connect with Mo 125 North and I-44 West to US 65 North

To connect with I-44 East
exit at US 60 and use US 60 East to connect with Mo 125 North and I-44 East

To connect with I-44 West
use US 60 West to Mo 360 West and I-44 West

Traveling the north-south routes through the City of Springfield could result in more extensive delays and stressful travel as multiple stoplights and at-grade intersections exist on those roads.
Business US 71- Pavement Work
Savannah - One lane closed from I-29's Exit 53 through Savannah as crews repave. Daytime work, 7 am to 7 pm.
South of Gower to MO 116 - All lanes closed 24/7 through Sept. 20 for bridge reconstruction. Use alternate route.
Thank you for taking the time to learn where MoDOT crews and contractors are at work.

We appreciate the care you take to keep other travelers, yourself and our coworkers safe.

At the end of the day, we all have the same goal:Let's get where we're going, safely.
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