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Moab Activist Meeting TONIGHT
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We Know this is impossibly short notice, but we thought we better send it out anyway. We got wind of this last week but we honestly weren't sure what to make of it. We try not to waste our members time and often filter things out.

Our local folks are now claiming that there is major rumblings in Moab about some land use issues. We want to support these activists and do what we can to help protect access in this iconic location. As of this morning it looks like this meeting is a go and USA-ALL will have Dave Cozzens there as our representative. We believe it will be to take comments and discuss recent closure of roads on Forest service managed land and possibly BLM managed land in and around Grand County. THIS IS NOT AN OFFICIAL GOVERNMENT MEETING. This has been put together by local citizens. Former Sage Brush Rebellion activists and county commissioners are supposedly involved. We are not sure of the exact purpose of the meeting, but we hope some organization and direction comes of it. We need more activism out of the Moab area. USA-ALL stands ready to assist locals in taking back their land!

We want to encourage all the local folks to attend and to make others aware that this meeting is going to happen. We will send out a report with more detail on what came of the meeting. Below is text from an email that was sent to us by Dave Cozzens our local rep in Moab.

Michael Swenson, Executive Director

Utah Shared Access Alliance

Moab Activist Meeting Tonight!
The following is from Dave Cozzens, USA-ALL Moab Rep & prospective board member

Picture this scenario:  You and your family have packed up all the necessary items for a weekend camping trip.  You have the truck gassed up, the dog is in the back, the ATV and dirt bike are loaded, and away you go.  After driving for an hour, you look around that last corner, through the trees for the turnoff to your favorite spot on earth, the place you have gone every year for decades.  Only something is wrong.  There is a barricade blocking the road.  The same "Stay the Hell Off" sign you have been seeing at other people's favorite turnoffs is also blocking your way.  Your vacation is ruined.  Now you need to go to one of the campground/subdivisions with wall to wall neighbors because that is all that is left.  Only there, you can't let your dog out or unload the bike or ATV.


The Sierra Club, SUWA, and a dozen organizations you haven't even heard of have been busy.  While you were carefree, enjoying your motorized toys, hunting, reading your book, and working so you could afford more, they have devoted their lives and much of their earnings toward control of your life.  They don't approve of you.  They hate your dog, your dirt bike, and especially your ATV.  You know that bush your cousin ran over last year on your ATV?  They took a picture of that and circulated it all over from Maine to Florida.  The people who saw that picture, who also own your favorite camping ground, but who will never see it, want you kept off.  They called their elected representatives and made a stink. 


I know, back in 1997 you sent 20 bucks to Blue Ribbon Coalition.  That should have been enough, right?  Why didn't they protect your rights?  Maybe this time you'll send them 30.  But the nagging question keeps popping into your head:  Is it too late?  And the sad truth is that for many "favorite spots" it is too late.  Probably the best that can be accomplished now, with you and all of your friends chipping in major amounts of your hard earned cash, is that half of those areas can ever be opened up again.  You didn't want to hear that did you?  Well, ask anyone who has been involved in the land use battle for more than twenty years how many once-closed areas are now open again.  So now maybe you should sell the motorized toys and take up chess.  But who are you going to sell them to?  Nobody will want to spend thousands on machinery that can't be used.  This is your fortieth wake up call!


 Meeting - January 10, 6:00 PM

Grand Center

182 North 500 West

Moab, Utah




Bring all your family and friends.  I hate to have to say this, but from past meeting experience I must mention that coming sober, and polite will be very helpful.


It is now time to face the fact that whatever you have donated in the past to organizations like


USA-ALL Make a Donation

Blue Ribbon Coalition

 Ride with Respect

Sage Riders


should be increased by a multiple of ten, at least, if you hope to accomplish much at all.



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