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Diana O'Kelly, Township Supervisor

May 19, 2022


MAY 24 10 AM TIL 2 PM

For your convenience, we have scheduled a mobile DMV event on Tuesday, March 24 from 10 am to 2 pm.

State ID for 65 and over is free. 

No Real ID documents will be processed at the event on Tuesday.  You must go to the DMV for that.  If you have specific questions, call Irene Paterno at the State of Illinois at 312 814-8937.

may 24 dmv.jpeg

Treasurer Holly Kim Encourages Paying Taxes by ECheck or at a Local Bank

Paying your property taxes is quick, easy, and FREE when you pay online with an eCheck from your checking/savings account.

Click here for more information

Local Banks that accept property tax payments

Associated Bank 208 Oak Creek Plaza (847) 949-9000

Fifth Third Bank 3196 W. IL Rte 60 (847) 393-2384

First Midwest Bank 1500 Allanson Rd. (847) 949-2400

Mundelein Community Bank 1110 W. Maple Ave. (847) 837-1110

Mundelein Community Bank 169 N. Lake St. (847) 837-1110

All banks that accept payments

Qualified Candidates Sought for Lake County Zoning Board of Appeals

Lake County is seeking qualified candidates to serve on the Lake County Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA). The ZBA is established under the statutory provisions of the County’s Code and focuses on zoning in the unincorporated areas of Lake County. 

The ZBA holds public hearings to consider applications for zoning variances, delegated conditional use permits, and appeals of administration decisions. It also serves in an advisory capacity to the Lake County Public Works, Planning and Transportation Committee and the County Board for zoning ordinance and map amendments, and non-delegated conditional use permits, which include planned unit developments.

The ZBA consists of seven members and two alternate members. State law requires that each member be from a different township. Lake County currently does not have a member who resides in the following townships: Benton, Ela, Fremont, Grant, Lake Villa, Libertyville, Moraine, Newport, Shields, Waukegan, West Deerfield, and Zion.

Meetings are generally scheduled in the mornings of the second and fourth Thursday of each month at the Central Permit Facility (CPF) in Libertyville. Public hearings for rezoning and conditional use permits are individually scheduled and usually held during weekday afternoons in the appropriate township hall or other public building. Public hearings for text amendments vary by day/time but are customarily held at CPF.

In its recent history, the ZBA has been involved in a number of very impactful projects and policies including the following:

  • Review of a major regional development proposal (mixed use retail/office) for a 100-acre site
  • Review of an ordinance draft addressing adult use (recreational) cannabis business regulations
  • Review of significant environmental sustainability-related draft regulations

Residents of Lake County, whether they reside in the unincorporated area or in a village/city who are interested in serving on the ZBA are encouraged to apply online. When applying online, residents should indicate that they would like to serve on the Zoning Board of Appeals and they should complete each step in the application process. 

Residents may also submit their resume, letter of interest and any other supporting material they wish to include (such as letters of recommendation) via email to, or via U.S. mail to:

Lake County Board Office, 10th Floor

18 North County St.

Waukegan, IL 60085

Those interested in serving on the Lake County ZBA are encouraged to apply by May 31, 2022. 

Early Voting at Fremont Township


The primary election is June 28th this year.  If you vote on election day, please check your voter card because some of the locations for same day voting have changed.

Early voting at Fremont Township starts on June 13 and goes through June 25. The hours are Monday -Friday from 9:00 am til 5:00 pm and Saturday 9:00 am til 2:00 pm. Voting is at our administrative office at 22385 Route 60. Please go around to the back of our building.

To view your ballot, see where you vote or order a ballot to vote by mail, click here and enter your information.

Election Judges Needed

need election judges.jpeg

Election judges are needed! The Lake County Clerk’s Office is still seeking election judges for the upcoming 2022 elections. To learn more and apply for these paid positions, call 847-377-2408.

Townhall Meeting with Congressman Schneider 

brad schneider.jpeg

Congressman Brad Schneider will have his Congress on Your Corner event at Mundelein High School, 1350 W Hawley in Mundelein on Saturday, May 28 from 10:00 am til 11:00 am. Register here.

Lake County Division of Transportation Hawley Project

While the work is scheduled to start Monday, May 23, the bike path will be worked on after Memorial Day. The bike path will be completed before they construct the road.  Milling of Hawley will probably take place after July 4.  There will be work zone speed limits, but there is no plan at this time to close Hawley.

Limits: From IL176 west of Gilmer Rd to Midlothian Rd in the villages of Hawthorn Woods and Mundelein

Description: Asphalt resurfacing and installation of bike-friendly shoulders. The Millennium Trail bike path will also be removed and replaced.

Project website

50 and Over and Looking For Things to Do?

Check out the June schedule at the Mundelein Park District.

Click here for their new schedule.

Interested in Duplicate Bridge?

Mundelein GD Duplicate Bridge Club

Wednesday 6:15pm to 9pm

Twelve Hearts Duplicate Bridge Club

Thursdays 9:00am - Noon

$5 per person / Reservations required!

Open to all men and women.

Please contact Patty Mayer


Message from the Sheriff's Department


Recently, a Lake County resident met with one of our deputies and reported that they had been scammed into sending $20,000.00 in cash to an individual posing as a PayPal employee. The victim, the deputy and UPS shipping store worked together to ultimately recover the package, however, this is a very unusual recovery. Most of the time the victim’s money is not recovered.

Here's how this particular scam works…. You get an email, text message or phone call indicating an account of yours (could be a bank account, PayPal account, other mobile money account, etc.) has been used to make a purchase and if the purchase was unauthorized, to contact a certain phone number contained in the message. The scammer hopes you don’t verify the transaction with your banking institution first and you call them instead. The scammer then engages you in additional dialogue and assures you they will help you fix your “hacked” computer and get a refund. The scammer has you download a program, which is really a remote desktop – a way for them to access your files, passwords and bank accounts. The scammer will distract you by presenting a form on your computer to type your refund amount into. Meanwhile, the scammer is accessing your bank accounts.

While logged into various accounts, the scammer transfers money from one of your accounts to another account, usually a significant amount. The scammer then tells you to type your refund amount into their fake form, they manipulate the amount you type, and then accuse you of inputting the wrong amount. They tell you to open your checking account to see if your balance reflects the wrong refund, which it will, because they’ve already transferred that money from one of your other accounts. In some situations, the scammer simply manipulates the website code to display a higher bank account balance than the victim actually has. The scammer then accuses you of stealing money from them and plays on your emotions to make you think they will be fired and their children will suffer because of your typing “mistake.”

The scammer then convinces you to repay the money by utilizing a Crypto Currency ATM, or withdrawing cash to mail them.

For the victims who have lost money by mailing the money, you may think, it’s easy to catch the scammer, just go to the address where the money is mailed. It’s not that simple…The scammers generally have the money mailed to an unoccupied residence that they have no ties to. They sit in their car (usually a rental car, or a car with stolen license plates) all day, waiting for the delivery driver to arrive. Once the driver arrives, they swoop in, grab the package, and off they go with the thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Once you’ve discovered you’ve been scammed and call us, almost always, it’s too late for us to be able to retrieve your money. We do everything we can to catch the scammers, but it can be extremely difficult.

Here are some tips:

- Never trust an unsolicited telephone call, text message or email

- If you receive any notifications of any of your accounts being compromised, find a phone number on your bank card, bank statements or in a phone book for your institution and call to verify – DO NOT assume the phone number contained in the message you receive to be legitimate.

- ALWAYS be suspicious of links in emails, if you have the slightest doubt, do NOT click the link. Contact the sender to verify the authenticity.

- Do not ever allow someone to direct you to install anything on your computer, unless it’s a computer professional or organization that you trust, and only if you have initiated the conversation.

- Do not wait to make a police report, particularly if you have shipped cash.

Scammers are good at what they do, they prey on people’s emotions and vulnerabilities, especially those who are not proficient utilizing the internet.


Upcoming Events at Fremont Township

Mobile DMV May 24 Click here

Make a Wind Chime, June 1, Click here

Passport Event, August 13

Recycle-o-rama, September 24

Your Donations Go To Local Rescues

The local animal shelters are in need of sheets, towels, small throw rugs and blankets. There is a bin on our front porch at 22385 Route 60, Mundelein, if you have any old bedding you would like to donate. No pillows! The donations get distributed to local shelters. We also accept leashes, collars, toys, pet food etc.

Recycle Items at Fremont Township

Our shoe bin is also on our front porch and we are accepting shoes to be recycled and reused. Please tie or rubberband the shoes together when you drop them off.

We accept yarn in our office.

We accept eyeglasses and hearing aids in our office.

We accept American Flags in our office.

The textile bin is also open and is located in our parking lot. Click here to see what we accept.

Email Us With Your Comments For Our Board of Trustees

If you have comments for our board, and can't make our meetings, please email Chris McCann at with your comments.
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Diana O'Kelly
Fremont Township Supervisor  

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Diana O'Kelly


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Next Board Meeting, June 13 at 6:30 pm