April 15, 2022 Vending Technology News
Introducing the Mobile POS Food Service Cart, from Wilmington MA-based Definitive Technology Group -(DTG). Operators can easily set up this POS vending cart anywhere, and generate more sales for their business from the first day that it’s put into use.
This mobile POS food cart is also an ideal solution for retail vending in dining halls, cafeterias, healthcare facilities, breakrooms, and any other type of business where social distancing is encouraged. 

Using this mobile POS cart also means that long lines can be eliminated and customers can easily check out without having to wait on someone to help them with their transaction. 

Are you thinking about adding another checkout kiosk to your micro market business? If so, Three Square Market has the right kiosk that you need to help your business to grow. 

A leader in the micro-market and self-pay store technology, Three Square Market is an intuitive software company that offers you the solutions that you need to build a thriving micro-market. 

Watch the 2 Legends video: Kurk Johnson AND the Coffee Kiosk! 

Find The Right Checkout Kiosk For Your Business 
If you’ve owned a micro-market for some time, you know that you can’t just choose a "one-size-fits-all" approach to choosing a checkout kiosk. 

SandenVendo is thrilled to announce the new, first on the market, Outdoor SLAVE edition of the G-Snack vending machine.

Expand your outdoor vending business with this Slave machine: equipped with 10 selections per shelf, G-Snack Design and Standard SSX enables you to provide your customers with up to 70 product selection.

G-Snack SLAVE outdoor edition can be combined with G-Drink and G-Snack OUTDOOR models, without worrying about harsh weather or vandalism. This machine has a temperature range between +2°C to +18°C. Get the new G-Snack Design Slave Outdoor edition.

An Innovative Way To Offer Freshly Made Salads To Your Customers.

Salads are always a desirable product that consumers are looking for because people want to eat healthy, but it’s often difficult for operators to carry salads because they have to be kept fresh. 

Thanks to the DMVI’s Salad Vending Machine, it’s never been easier for operators to offer freshly made salads to their customers. Their salad vending machines give operators the ability to capitalize on the growing demand for salad in the United States as more Americans want to eat healthy and incorporate a salad into their daily diets. 

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