Vending Technology News April 15th , 2018
Vending Technology News
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Mobile Payments
Mobile payment offers faster and more secure transactions.

By Jeff Adair

Consumers are using mobile phones to pay for nearly
everything,  and it won't be long before mobile will become the main method of payment. Vending operators have been adopting mobile payment capability, but they need to speed up the pace if they want to capture their fair share of sales.

That was the message from Evan Jarecki, vice president of sales 
Evan Jarecki
Evan Jarecki of Gimme Vending claims mobile pay will take the industry by storm in two years.
and co-founder of Gimme Vending LLC, which provides technology solutions for vending, during a presentation at the National Auto matic Merchandising Association show at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

In two years, Jarecki said mobile payment will take the vending industry by storm. 

While not all customers will use mobile pay, Jarecki said vending operators should offer as many payment options as possible.

He said mobile payment is more convenient for the vending customer than using cash or paying with a payment card.

OptConnect Headache Free Connectivity

SuzoHapp North America has acquired the primary currency and cashless product lines of Coinco, adding products such as the Vantage VR6 note recycler and the iris line of cashless systems to SuzoHapp's portfolio.

Coinco's existing service network will continue to service the company's product line in North America.

"This acquisition of the Coinco product lines is an important one for SuzoHapp, allowing us to provide our vending customers a more complete, technology-driven global product offering," said Drew Scielzo, SuzoHapp CEO.


Crane Merchandising Systems Introduces Several Technology Upgrades

Media2 Upgrades
The Media2 features a redesigned user interface.
Crane Merchandising Systems recently introduced several  technology upgrades.

Crane's new Media2 machines have the capacity to run full-motion video on a larger screen. The newly designed user experience for snack, food and cold drink machines builds on the success of tens of thousands of Media machines sold since 2012.

Media 2 features a redesigned intuitive user interface with suggestive selling, full-motion video and highly engaging advertising experiences designed to significantly increase same-store sales.

Media is designed to influence consumer purchase behavior and drive sales more than 25 percent over all other vending equipment.

On the cashless front, th e company's next generation telemeter saves operators time with an easy-to-install, Bluetooth-enabled device that offers best-in-class 4G LTE connectivity and future scalability.

Nayax_ Accept Chip Cards_

Avanti Markets
Avanti Markets has introduced a new planogram tool to streamline the merchandising process.  The digital merchandising tool provides an interactive way for operators to determine the most effective way to physically lay out their micro market inventory.

Operators can tailor their stock based on consumer trends to ensure that products are placed where they will sell the best. The simplified interface makes it easy to access planograms, change on-hand levels of products and shift product placement based on inventory or current sales rates. Drivers will stock based on this data to ensure consistency and accountability across their routes.
Shelfx Smart Fridge
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