July 2017
Mobile Video: Will Next-Gen TV Feed the Beast?
Bandwidth-hungry video is viewed as an insatiable beast by those who are delivering it over crowded networks. Better compression and mobile network advances have relieved some congestion, but the flames of UHD and virtual reality are licking at the heels of cellular networks. Will ATSC 3.0 relieve the congestion? Read more.
Wireless Video: Demand vs. Capacity    
Wireless video use is estimated to be an impressive 78% of all internet traffic by 2021. But some wonder how such massive amounts of video will make it to their intended addresses. Do we have the capacity to meet the demand? DTC's Myra Moore examines this critical question. Learn more.  
Sharp/Foxconn Undeterred in Bid to Reclaim Sharp Marketing Rights
Taiwan-based Hon Hai Precision Industry, the parent of Foxconn, is looking to expand the company's global footprint using its recently acquired majority stake in Sharp Corp. But Hisense is standing in the way with its refusal to give up North American TV marketing rights. The fight between the companies is persistent, with neither showing signs of giving up. Read more. 
ATSC 3.0 Trends, Analysis & Forecasts   
This next-generation TV ATSC 3.0 transmission standard is now being used in South Korea and will roll out in North America next. DTC's DTV Transition Group has completed a number of studies around ATSC 3.0, which combines IP elements with broadcast.
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