Treasury Management Enhancements
Volume I, No. 4
CBB Treasury Management Capabilities
We would like to tell you about new enhancements to Chain Bridge Bank's Treasury Management platform, including an exciting upgrade to the mobile app. We are continuously improving the features so you can get the most out of your commercial banking experience.

Treasury Management is among the most advanced banking applications available today. It is a highly configurable software-as-a-service solution that combines robust capabilities with user-friendly simplicity.

Below is an overview of new features, updates, and improvements. For help implementing these new features, please contact your relationship officer at [email protected] or 703-748-3455.
  • Have you not yet gotten the Treasury Management mobile app? Now it comes with mobile deposit. Contact [email protected] or 703-748-3455 to get this feature added to your Treasury Management account.

  • Batch Depositing with mobile remote deposit capture allows you to deposit multiple checks at once.

  • You can now create internal transfers within the mobile app as well as a one time or recurring transfer.

  • Filtering notifications have been updated to improve the user experience.
  • Same Day ACH is now available for your outgoing credit ACH transactions. Contact [email protected] or 703-748-345 to get this feature added to your Treasury Management account.

  • You can now import and save recipients from the recipient file.
  • Positive Pay Payee Name Match allows you to crosscheck the payee's name against your list of issued checks when they are presented for payment. Contact [email protected] or 703-748-3455 to get this free feature added to your Treasury Management account.

  • Check exceptions now include the ability to make Pay All/Return All decisions within the mobile app.
  • The Positive Pay and the Transfer widgets now correctly display in the dashboard.
  • We made a number of bug fixes, security updates, and minor enhancements to improve your overall experience.
CBB Treasury App
Treasury Management
´╗┐Mobile App

On our Treasury Management mobile app you can:

  • Make deposits, including in batches
  • View and graph account balances and histories
  • Approve transfers, wires, ACH payments, and users
  • Review Positive Pay and ACH exceptions
  • View notifications and cutoff times
  • Change passwords
  • Use Touch or Face ID for Apple / fingerprint for Android

Questions? Email [email protected] or call 703-748-3455.
NMLS #: 405543