Read about a newly adopted vision for transit in our region, feedback being sought on the BICI bike share program, the effectiveness of the region's first pedestrian hybrid beacon and more in the December issue of Travel Times.
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BICI Bike Share Seeks Suggestions for Improvements and Expansion
RMRTD Board Adopts Long-Term Strategic Vision

At its November Board Meeting, the RMRTD Board of Directors unanimously adopted the RTD Long-Term Strategic Vision. The document includes a bold, forward-thinking, consensus vision and establishes that the RMRTD will "provide safe, accessible, efficient, and innovative transportation services for the benefit of our diverse local communities and the regional economy." The Vision was developed over the past year with ongoing involvement of the Board, ABQ Ride, and other regional transit stakeholders.
The following six core themes are included in the plan and will help guide future RMRTD activities to help achieve the mission.
  • Exceptional Customer Experience - Our customers come first in all we do
  • Transformative Regional Services - We provide a range of services to meet our region's diverse needs
  • Strong Transit-Centered Communities - Our services help shape our communities for the better
  • Sound Financial Stewardship - We are good stewards of the public resources entrusted to us
  • Innovative Programs and Partnerships - We think outside the box and seek collaboration always
  • Industry-Leading Knowledge and Practice - Our people take pride in leading the region forward
Based on the Vision Framework developed and vetted by the Rio Metro Board members and key stakeholders, Rio Metro technical staff developed a list of potential Implementation Tactics to achieve the vision. In total, there are 60 potential Implementation Tactics that could be pursued over the next 20 years. To help provide focus to near-term implementation efforts, 26 Priority Implementation Tactics that could be pursued as immediate next steps in the next five years were identified
More than 100 public-sector and private-sector stakeholders representing the diverse constituencies in our region participated in the development of the Vision. The final document reflects the comments received through public meetings, board member and stakeholder review, and submitted electronically in the September 2015 public comment and review period.
Effectiveness of the South Valley Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon Studied

In conjunction with National Walk to School Day, held the first week of October 2014, Bernalillo County began operation of the first pedestrian hybrid beacon in the region on Isleta Blvd at Perry Rd/McEwen Rd. Bernalillo County conducted an educational campaign prior to the beacon going into service. To learn how this traffic device works, visit here.
In September 2015, nearly a year after the beacon began operation, the Mid-Region Council of Governments, in cooperation with Heathy Here: Communities Leading Healthy Change , studied the effectiveness of this beacon. Video data was taken from 7am-7pm on September 16 and 17, 2015. This video was reviewed and processed to see both pedestrian and driver behavior.
During these two 12-hour periods there were 110 pedestrians crossing Isleta Blvd. Since some of the pedestrians were traveling in groups, this resulted in 75 crossing events. A pedestrian activated the beacon in 54 of these crossing events resulting in 72 percent of all crossing events being activated.
When the beacon was activated, very strict full-compliance rules were applied. In order for the crossing event to be in full compliance, all motor vehicles needed to have stopped before the solid red phase of the beacon. Of the instances when the beacon was activated, 34 crossings-or 63 percent of the activated crossings-were in full-compliance. The remaining crossings were in partial compliance when one or two vehicles finished clearing the intersection at the very beginning of the sold red phase. There were no instances of non-compliance where the pedestrian was in the crosswalk, the beacon was in the solid red phase, and a motor vehicle entered the intersection.
In the majority of the crossings when the beacon was not activated, there were no vehicles present or the pedestrian could time the crossing to avoid vehicles. This was in 13 non-activated crossings or 61.9 percent of all non-activated crossings. In the remaining cases, the impact of the beacon became very apparent. The pedestrian had to wait for many vehicles to clear the intersection or they entered the crosswalk and had to stop due to vehicles entering the intersection. It looked like a very different intersection when the beacon was not activated.
This study was funded made possible by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. To view the entire study click here.
Take the Train to Ski and Play in Santa Fe

Take the train to ski and play in Santa Fe this season. With one easy bus connection, the New Mexico Rail Runner Express can now connect you to Ski Santa Fe, the Santa Fe National Forrest, Ten Thousand Waves and various points downtown including several hotels. Ride the train north and catch the new North Central Regional Transit District (NCRTD) Mountain Trail bus at the South Capitol Station to begin your adventure!

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