Mobility Management News:
April 2022
Hello newsletter readers,

Spring has sprung. With better weather in the mid-Atlantic it means more time (at least for me) spent outdoors and moving around. As you may know from reading some of my previous newsletter openers, I immensely enjoy biking. I view biking as a great way to exercise and an efficient way of getting around, and is a valuable piece of the mobility puzzle in covering trips to and from transit. This weekend was a perfect opportunity to get out and do some exploring in my neck of the woods - ideally out into the woods.

Last year, I wrote about my experience biking the NCR trail through portions of Maryland and Pennsylvania. It was a pretty smooth ride overall but large sections of the trail in Maryland left much to be desired in the ways of accessibility and upkeep. This past weekend, I traveled on portions of Baltimore City's Greenway Trails Network headed by the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy. The eventual 35-mile network of urban trails will link neighborhoods and destinations throughout Baltimore. On my ride I came across the diversity of people that live and move throughout Baltimore on trail and on the road; lycra-clad road warriors munching miles, grandparents teaching their grandkids how to ride a bike, a group of wheelie kids, showing off and heading to the Inner Harbor, a couple enjoying the nice day and nature on dockless e-bikes, and whatever I appeared to be while riding. I had some pleasant fleeting conversations and shared many smiles trail users throughout my ride.

This shared trail, like all ways of moving multiple people, is great beyond the access to places it facilitates; it also facilitates a common bond between people. Whether that's getting on a bus headed the same direction or walking the same trail to be around some greenery on the way to get groceries, sharing experiences with strangers is what builds community and furthers a sense of belonging. So next time you're taking the bus or walking a trail to get somewhere, remember how great the "public" in public transit really is-and consider making someone's day by giving them a smile!

Be well,

Kirby Wilhelm
(202) 489-6020
Here's the poll results regarding our Health & Transportation Resource Center from March's Newsletter.
Which of the following sources contributes the highest percentage of funding for your position?
Federal pass-through funding (e.g., Sect. 5307, 5310, 5311)
State funds only
Local funds only
Private funding
To which of the following sources do you most frequently submit grant applications?
Federal Competitive Grants
State DOT
Local government
Private organizations
Get to Know an NCMM Program Associate 
Kirby Wilhelm has been with NCMM and its lead organization, the Community Transportation Association of America, for (soon-to-be) two and a half years. During this time, he's provided technical assistance to communities nationwide helping to improve mobility for all; he's worked with communities ranging from rural tribal nations to small metros to large urban areas. Kirby has always been fascinated by the ways in which people get around and how their community's available mobility options impacts their everyday experiences and he's glad to be working to make it easier for people to get around. You can learn more about Kirby here.
CCAM Listening Session at CTAA's EXPO 2022
This special session with the Federal Transit Administration to give feedback on the 2023-2026 Strategic Plan of the Coordinating Council for Access and Mobility (CCAM) is open to all. The Strategic Plan is the opportunity to address any regulatory barriers or obstacles that make coordination among public transportation and human service agencies difficult. Join us on Thursday, May 12, 2:15-3:30 p.m., at the Omni Commonwealth 6. 
2022 Mobility Management Forum - with Livestream!
NCMM is excited to announce our 2022 Mobility Management Forum agenda in Louisville, Ky., on Thursday, May 12, during CTAA's EXPO 2022. The Forum gives the opportunity to for mobility managers to meet others from their FTA regions & learn skills and improve their knowledge on key mobility management topics. Forum sessions include Making the Case with Data, Integrating Mobility Management into Your Community, and Funding Mobility Management Activities.

The day will end with the 2022 Mobility Management Unconference, giving attendees the opportunity to discuss hot topics in technology, mobility management strategies, and whatever else is on your mind! NCMM is also excited to now announce a livestream option for the first session of the Forum.

Starting at 9:10 on the day of the Forum, attendees from around the world can join in to listen to the panel discussions that will begin the day. You can join in on the day of the Forum at this link. You can find the full details of the forum, including speakers, on our Mobility Management Forum page and you can register for the Forum here. We're looking forward to gathering with you in-person!
*Extended Deadline * 2022 Mobility Management Poster Session
NCMM is soliciting posters for the 2022 Mobility Management Poster Session to be held at EXPO 2022 in Louisville, Ky., on May 11 and 12 during three Tradeshow sessions. Presenters who exhibit their posters on their mobility management work during the Tradeshow will be rewarded with a $500 stipend upon completion of EXPO. Posters can be submitted up until EXPO 2022. You can find out more about requirements and how to apply visit the Mobility Management Poster Session page.
Mobility Management Lounge at CTAA's EXPO 2022
During CTAA's EXPO 2022, mobility managers will have complete access to the Mobility Management Lounge (Room L016) providing a place for our mobility management attendees to meet colleagues from across the country. Complimentary hot beverages and snacks will be provided. We hope to get to meet with you there!
Mobility Lines Podcast - New Episodes
The Mobility Lines podcast covers many topics of interest to mobility management and transit professionals, such as one-call/one-click system development, autonomous vehicles, and open data, among other topics. Recently, a three-part conversation with researcher Jana Sochor covering Mobility-as-a-Service broadly has been released. The conversation provides valuable information on the history of MaaS, framework evaluations of MaaS, and user experience with new mobility. You can find the podcast episodes of this conversation and all of the Mobility Lines podcasts on Anchor and wherever else you listen.
Promising Practices Survey Link
NCMM wants you to submit Promising Practices from your community! A database of current and recent mobility management practices from across the country is in the works, showcasing implemented programs and services that have introduced a new or enhanced method of delivering mobility management and improved people's ability to travel around their communities. If you're interested in sharing Promising Practices you know about, you can fill out the survey found here.
New State of the State Profile - Missouri
NCMM is pleased to release the Missouri State of the State Report. The Missouri Transportation Task Force with a broad range of partnering agencies, who initiated the Statewide Mobility Management Project in October 2019 is working diligently to complete their goal of improving travel options for residents and visitors of the state. The profile outlines the state's current mobility management activities and provides recommendations of best mobility management practices. You can find the full report here.
Check Out NCMM's Technology for Mobility Management Typology
NCMM's Technology for Mobility Management: A Framework for Moving Forward technology typology for mobility management is the perfect place to understand, compare, and evaluate the value of the many different types of technology available in the public transportation sector. Whether your system is working towards upgrading payment technology or move beyond paper and pen scheduling to modernize operations, the typology can help you better consider your next steps. Check it out today!
Mobility Management Connections (MMC)
NCMM would like to invite you to our peer mentoring platform, Mobility Management Connections (MMC). With the help of mobility managers from across the country, this platform enables mobility managers from all backgrounds to engage in coordination topics. Alongside our partners at PYD, NCMM hopes that the discussion will continue to engage the community of practitioners about this dynamic field. The goal is to build a community to share ideas and mobility management strategies related to fostering transportation connections and identifying mobility solutions. If there is any additional information you want to share about MMC as we move forward with our mobility management community of practice, please email. We are grateful for your participation and look forward to the discussion. You can register here. Any questions about MMC can be directed to Enjoli Dixon and Judy Shanley.
Fast Links to NCMM Resources
Partner News
FTA - Cybersecurity Resources for Transit Agencies
The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) has published Cybersecurity Resources to support transit agencies during a time of unprecedented ransomware attacks targeting the transportation sector. FTA has aggregated cybersecurity resources on its site to support transit agencies as they prepare for, mitigate, and respond to cybersecurity issues. You can find the resources here.
TP4A - Lessons Learning on Partnerships for Inclusive Transit Planning
Transit Planning 4 All is hosting it's first roundtable of it's Lessons Learned series on Monday, May 16 from 2 - 3 p.m., Eastern time. Joe Bellil, of Easterseals Massachusetts, and Jaime McKay, of TransIT Services of Frederick County, Md., will discuss their experiences, successes, challenges, and lessons learned in partnering for inclusive planning. The roundtable will include time for audience questions and dialogue. You can find out more about the roundtable and register for the event here.
NADTC - 2021 FTA Section 5310 Compendium
The National Aging and Disability Transportation Center has released its 2021 FTA Section 5310 Compendium, a collection of informational briefs highlighting the various uses of FTA Section 5310 Funding, implemented by human services agencies and transportation programs across the United States. Topics include Mobility Management and FTA Section 5310 & Travel Training under Mobility Management and FTA Section 5310, among others. You can visit the compendium here.
Transit Workforce Center - ATTAIN initiative
FTA's Transit Workforce Center recently launched the American Transit Training Apprenticeship Innovators Network, or ATTAIN initiative, to focus on developing apprenticeships for frontline positions. Transit agencies interested in starting or expanding an apprenticeship program will connect with transit leaders running successful programs and advance their efforts to bring in new talent. You can find out more about the initiative and apply for the initiative here.
FTA - Census Impacts Webpage
FTA is currently in the process of preparing for the 2020 Census changes and how those changes will impact FTA grant programs. FTA has developed this webpage that includes information related to the implementation of the Census changes. Currently, there is a Jan. 26, 2022 archived webinar presentation and implementation schedule for future webinars and resources available on the webpage. More information will be posted soon.
Transportation Media of the Month
Thinking of going birding sometime soon in the Boston area? Or want to see a good example of promoting ways to connect with nature through transit to your riders? Check out this guide from Manomet on using public transit to do some urban bird watching through MBTA. 

A rare-for-Massachusetts Prothonotary Warbler. Photo credit: Evan Dalton.
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