Mobility Management News: December 2019
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My name is Kirby Wilhelm, and I'm excited to release NCMM's December newsletter, as well as introduce myself as the most recent staffer for NCMM. I started my time at CTAA in early December, and most recently worked for an affordable housing non-profit. I'm be looking forward to exploring the intersections of mobility, housing, and environmental sustainability while with NCMM. As I take on the responsibility of NCMM's newsletter from Will, as well as the Mobility Lines blog, I'd like to continue letting our mobility management readers know of the chance to have their work showcased through a blog posting, as well as to feel welcome in letting me know of any content recommendations or interesting mobility management happenings in your community. If you have a written piece you'd like to have considered for Mobility Lines, any recommendations for content or just want to reach out, my contact information is below.  


Kirby Wilhelm
(202) 489-6020
Call for Letters of Interest
NCMM is soliciting Letters of Interest from communities who are seeking help in conducting a regional meeting focused on a specific transportation challenge. NCMM will choose three communities with whom it will co-design these one-day meetings; NCMM will then facilitate the meetings, which will take place in February 2020. The meetings will give mobility management practitioners within a "mobility region" the opportunity to meet, network, and develop potential solutions to the identified issue. NCMM will work closely with the two selected regions to co-design these one-day meetings to ensure they effectively addresses the goals the community sets for the meeting.

If you are interested in NCMM hosting one of these meetings in your region, please read the following opportunity description and submit a Letter of Interest no later than Jan. 9, 2020.
NCMM's 2020 Poster Session
NCMM is now accepting poster presentation submissions for NCMM's 2020 Mobility Management Poster Session. Posters will discuss a community transportation challenge and the ways mobility management approaches have impacted solving that challenge. Information regarding the application process is available on NCMM's website.
Grant Activities
Learn about our grantees and their transportation challenges within our new central Community Grants page
NCMM in the News
Here's an article by The Iola Register discussing the in-person workshop NCMM conducted in Iola, Kan., during which strategies to alleviate the mobility challenges of low-income residents with chronic health conditions were discussed. 
Technology Assistance
Have a question about technology? You can find answers by contacting NCMM's technologist, Kevin Chambers, at
Partner News
Request for Comment
U.S. DOT has published a Request for Comment on how the Non-Traditional and Emerging Transportation (NETT) Council can be more responsive to the needs of the public and industry. The public comment period ends Jan. 10th, 2020.
Learning Opportunities
Together, the Coordinating Council on Access and Mobility partner agencies are hosting a webinar series to increase local, state and federal coordination to enhance accessible, efficient transportation options for the target population. The first one, hosted by the Department of Health and Human Services, will be on Feb. 13, 2019. Check out NCMM's webinar page for more details.
Funding Opportunities
(Deadline Dec. 31, 2019)
(Deadline Jan. 6, 2020) 
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