Mobility Management News: December 2020
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This has been a challenging year - affecting the greater mobility management community in unique ways. Throughout it, mobility managers across the country have had to adjust to new manners of delivering their usual services while also thinking creatively of what our communities need most. 

A bright spot might be the new relationships you've made with people and organizations in your community. If you've been able to work closely with human service agencies in your community on COVID-related needs, we sincerely hope it has not only led to new, innovative programs but also strengthened your partnerships and relationships in the community. In the transit "incidental" uses table NCMM hosts here, you can see transportation agencies have found ways to make an impact beyond their usual work. From delivering groceries and food to using buses as wifi hotspots, this year has shown the valuable resource agencies are to their community. As the transition to the next year begins, keep in mind the good work that you've completed - and take the time to unwind if you can.

Even during a difficult year, life still carries on. This video really drives home (pun intended) the point. Here's to 2021 - wishing everyone a brighter, better year!
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Announcing the 2021 Ready-to-Launch Pilot Implementation Grantees
The National Center for Mobility Management is proud to announce the five grantees taking part in the 2021 Ready-to-Launch Pilot Implementation Grant. 

The purpose of the grant is to assist the recipients listed below in preparing to seek funding for a full-scale roll-out of solutions that address mobility challenges experienced by low-income, elderly, and/or underserved community members.. Under NCMM guidance, these grants, worth up to $75,000, will help recipients test a pilot solution they have been preparing using human-centered design techniques. The five grantees are:

  • Thrive Allen County, Kan.
  • Quaboag Valley Region, Mass.
  • Greater Mercer TMA, Mercer Co., N.J.
  • Lewis County, Wash.
  • North Clark County, Wash.

Stay tuned for updates on these five teams.
NCMM's Coordinating Council on Access and Mobility (CCAM) Updates
FTA is partnering with HUD's Office of Public and Indian Housing on an educational campaign about how the two offices can jointly support access to transportation, educational support services, and food, medical appointments and other essential services. Fact sheets with more information on this partnership and allowable activities can be accessed here.

In the table found here, FTA and NCMM have compiled the examples of how transit agencies are partnering to respond to identified, non-transportation (or "incidental") uses during the pandemic. If you have an incidental use that should be added to the table, please reach out to
NCMM Publications Support CCAM Agencies to Access CCAM Resources
NCMM staff have produced a series of informational briefs to guide mobility management activities in conjunction with the Administration for Children and Families (ACF) and the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Envision Center programs. The briefs guide state administrators and grantees affiliated with these CCAM agencies to identify opportunities to access CCAM resources and enhance coordination activities with DOT programs. Contact your NCMM Regional Liaison to use these tools to support your work to engage CCAM partners in mobility management and coordination activities. You can find these briefs and other resources on NCMM's dedicated CCAM page.
Announcing NCMM's Health and Transportation Resource Center
The NCMM's Health and Transportation Resource Center is live! The center focuses on the intersection of transportation, health care, public health, and social determinants of health - providing valuable resources on each topic and their intersections. Delve into each topic area in-depth by selecting one of three sections on the top of the resource center's home page: Public Health, Health Care, or Social Determinants. Each section introduces the subject area, providing directly connected news and resources. Additionally, you can dive into specific focus areas on the right- side of the home page, linking to various readings and recent news. Explore the new Health and Transportation Resource Center today!
Call for Mobility Management Job Descriptions
If you are functioning as a mobility management professional, regardless of your job title, we're asking you to share your job description. NCMM currently keeps a compilation of job descriptions of mobility management practitioners on its website and would like to update it. These postings help to suggest requirements for future mobility management jobs, as well as help determine the various responsibilities of those in working in the realm of mobility management.

If you'd like to share a mobility management job description, please email Kirby Wilhelm at with the description attached as a PDF.
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Partner News
N-CATT - New Publications and Consultant Opportunity
The National Center for Applied Transit Technology (N-CATT) has released a number of publications focused on various transit technology aspects. You can find them below:

In addition, N-CATT is soliciting proposals from consulting firms to develop content and facilitate a number of virtual workshops. The deadline is Dec. 31. Details can be found here
CTAA - New Virtual Training Opportunities
The Community Transportation Association of America (CTAA) has created a new e-learning, course, Understanding Passengers Who Have Experienced Trauma for public transportation drivers and those who interact with the general public on a daily basis. Its purpose is to educate drivers on the impacts that past traumatic events can have on individuals and how those impacts may play out in a transportation setting. 

Two certification programs - PASS Train-the-Trainer and Certified Safety and Security Officer (CSSO) - are now offered in a virtual classroom environment. A number of additional CTAA classroom training courses will be offered virtually in the near future. Any questions can be directed to Training & Certification Program Director Caryn Souza.

Transportation Research Board - Emerging Mobility Systems and Services Seminar Series (EM4S)
Every Thursday at 10 a.m. EST, the TRB will be virtually hosting a scholar to share their high-quality research in this field. The series features a broad topic coverage from planning, behaviors to operations, and intends to engage audiences both within and beyond the transportation community. Thirty minutes of in-depth and inclusive discussions between the speaker and audiences will follow. To register and find out more information, visit the Emerging Mobility Systems and Services website.
Funding Opportunities
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