Mobility Management News:
December 2021
Hello newsletter readers,

As the past year comes to a close, it's important to look back at all that's been accomplished. At NCMM we have a lot to look back upon. Among the many things we achieved:

  • Our first in-person workshops in almost two years were held with our current 2021 Community Mobility Design Challenge grantees - in the Puget Sound region (Washington), Palm Beach County (Florida), Iowa City (Iowa), and Las Vegas (Nevada). Find out more about our current grantees on the grant's page.

  • Eight webinars were hosted on topics such as mobility-on-demand, virtual engagement in rural communities, and public health and transit partnerships - with a special focus on vaccination initiatives. As people look towards getting their booster vaccinations, the lessons offered in the webinar series on vaccination access can prove quite helpful in the coming months.

  • At CTAA's EXPO 2021, we live-streamed our 2021 Mobility Management Forum, showcasing innovative programs and important considerations for mobility management.

  • Adding to our e-Learning courses, Introduction to Curb Management, was released mid-year. For those not knowledgeable about the topic, the course offers an easy to digest lead-in to how to get the most out of ever-more-valuable curb space. It and all our other courses can be found on our website under the e-Learning section.

Next year, we have a lot in store. As mentioned in last month's newsletter, NCMM will be releasing a new e-Learning course focused on introducing mobility management to those outside the transportation field in the new year. Additionally, you may have noticed a Members section of our website, which has recently been added. We'll be formally rolling out our NCMM user registration platform in January, which will allow you to sign in just once to access all NCMM resources and communications along with a networking aspect to connect you with similar mobility managers. For now, if interested, create your account and let us know of anything you think should be included or isn't working. We'll provide more information about NCMM website membership in a special release in the new year.

We're looking forward to what's to come next year for NCMM and the mobility management field in general. Think back on what you've accomplished this past year and hopefully you can take some time off to prepare for all the opportunities and challenges that'll come up for next year. 

We at NCMM hope you have a great holidays!

Be well,

Kirby Wilhelm
(202) 489-6020
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2021 Mobility Management Forum 
NCMM held our 2021 Mobility Management Forum at CTAA's EXPO 2021 in Richmond, Va. The morning session, a series of four presentations and panel discussions, was live-streamed and recorded. You can also view the session's agenda, as well as posters of the 2021 Mobility Management Poster Session presenters on our site. You can view these items and the recording NCMM's website.
Seeking Information on Higher Education and Mobility Management
The National Center for Mobility Management seeks to understand what future transportation professionals are learning about mobility management topics, disability, and accessibility. This is not intended to be an evaluation or an assessment of what is or is not being taught; rather, it's NCMM's work to develop an understanding of what is already being done to prepare our future transportation professionals with the content they need to respond to the mobility needs of broad audiences. We hope to use what we learn to develop support materials for faculty to include in their teaching programs. For those teaching at the higher education level or for those looking to share with their network, use this link to share information of the program or course.
"Mobility Lines" Podcast - New Episode
NCMM is excited to have released its sixth episode of the Mobility Lines Podcast. This conversation with Janae Futrell focuses on gaining key skills for implementing and maintaining one-call/one-click transportation information systems while avoiding common stumbling blocks. Listen to this conversation, along with past episodes, here or search for Mobility Lines Podcast on your favorite listening channel, such as Spotify.
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Transportation Media of the Month
Chicago Transit Authority's Holiday Bus and Train are back to spread some cheer this year. Lights, ornaments, and a miniature village adorn the vehicles - Santa himself even leads the train. Let us know how your system is celebrating the holidays through transit at for a chance to promo on our website.

Photo courtesy of NBC Chicago.
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