Mobility Management News: February 2020
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It's February! The only month to start with the letter "F" and one of five members of the "b" party. Among other things, February is the month best associated with Valentine's Day. A holiday associated with showing your appreciation to those you care about, and gifting those you care about... gifts. Maybe some mobility-related items, such as free transit passes, half-priced bike rides or buy one, get one free one-way tickets like Amtrak. The Ohio Public Transit Association declares the work week leading up to Valentine's Day one to profess your love of Ohio's transit systems. Maybe some of you have or will implement a lovely promo like these for next Valentine's Day or an upcoming holiday. If you did happen to implement such an initiative or plan to do so in the future, a blog for Mobility Lines about the process sure would be interesting...

As much fun as Valentine's Day can be, March (not a member of the "b" party) comes along with all its seasonal change. Keep in mind those who may be waiting for their ride in wet conditions or needing to adjust their mobility based on the weather outlook. It's no fun getting caught biking while it's sleeting or waiting for the bus in chilly temperatures and even worse with fresh groceries or your kid-in-tow. If you happen to live in a locale with variable weather, make sure your clients are prepared for potential weather blitzes, either by way of having a back-up plan or bringing an umbrella. If you're interested in hearing more about my thoughts on the weather (and mobility), I'll be discussing the connection in an upcoming Mobility Lines post. Weather can make or break a lovely day but here's hoping the coming weeks are the type of pleasant you'd like. 

As always, if you have any recommendations for website or newsletter content, a written piece you'd like considered for NCMM's blog, Mobility Lines, or just want to reach out, my contact information is below.  


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NCMM's EXPO Session
NCMM will be hosting a one-day gathering for mobility management practitioners at the Community Transportation Association of America's EXPO 2020 in Louisville, Ky., on Tuesday, June 2. 

The gathering will consist of a morning forum of two panels: one in which NCMM grantees who have applied human-centered design in solving transportation challenges talk about their work and the value human-centered design techniques have brought to their work, and the other in which practitioners discuss technological innovations in transportation. The afternoon will feature an "unconference," in which attendees drive the agenda, bringing forth issues on mobility innovation to learn about and share with others in fast-paced 50-minute sessions. 

Register for the forum and "unconference" through the main EXPO registration

As well, NCMM will again be sponsoring a mobility management lounge for you to meet colleagues from across the country; it'll be a great opportunity to network, swap strategies, and learn about each other's communities. Posters from the NCMM's 2020 Mobility Management Poster Session will be moved from the EXPO floor to the lounge once the EXPO floor is closed. 
NCMM's 2020 Poster Session
NCMM is now accepting poster presentation submissions for NCMM's 2020 Mobility Management Poster Session. Deadline for submissions is April 6, 2020. Posters should discuss a community transportation challenge and the ways mobility management approaches have impacted solving that challenge. Information regarding the application process is available on NCMM's website. Authors of accepted posters will receive a $200 stipend to help with the travel costs associated with presenting their poster.
Issue-Focused Regional Mobility Meetings
In January, NCMM chose three communities for Issue-Focused Mobility Meetings, giving mobility management practitioners and community members within a "mobility region" the opportunity to meet, network, and together begin to develop potential solutions to the identified issue. NCMM has worked closely with the three selected regions to co-design these one-day meetings to ensure they effectively addresses the community goals. Stay on the lookout for progress updates.
Shared-Use Mobility Center [SUMC] and NCMM Release "Examples of Mobility on Demand Policies and Public-Private Partnerships to Increase Accessibility"
SUMC and NCMM have prepared a case study offering examples of mobility on demand policies and programs that improve accessibility for individuals with disabilities. Informed by five policies and over 20 programs at the state and local level, the report identifies innovative approaches that improve accessibility for individuals who previously have been left behind in the wake of mobility-on-demand. The examples are organized by policies and service coordination & trip planning programs. Each example provides an overview of how the program featured works, unique partnership qualities, and additional information. Access the new brief here.
State of the State Briefs-Kansas & Nebraska
Profiles on Kansas' & Nebraska's most recent transportation coordination efforts are live on the NCMM website. Kansas' efforts focus on their pursuit of efficient and expansive regional transit through their Regional Transit Business Model. Nebraska's report highlights the state's established Statewide Mobility Management Project as well as Regional Coordination Committees. If your state is interested in sharing its coordination and mobility management story, please contact Jerom Theunissen.
Transportation and Mobility Options to Support Post-School Transition for Youth with Autism Webinar
The National Center for Mobility Management and the Federal Transit Administration, U.S. Department of Transportation, provided a free webinar on transportation and mobility services for youth with autism transitioning out of high school. The webinar was intended to help users leverage mobility resources and develop connections with transportation providers and services. The webinar was sponsored by the National Autism Coordinator and the Office of Autism Research Coordination, National Institute of Mental Health. View the slides or watch the recorded webinar here.
NCMM Daily Mobility News Page
Grant Activities
Learn about NCMM's current grantees and the transportation challenges they are solving within our central Community Grants page. You can also find out more about past grantees here.
e-Learning Center 
NCMM offers six e-Learning courses with 25 different module topics. One of the six courses, Understanding the Complete Trip, introduces the concept of the complete trip, explains its importance, and provides techniques for ensuring a seamless trip. Sign up for NCMM's free e-Learning courses here.
Technology Assistance
Have a question about technology? You can find answers by contacting NCMM's technologist, Kevin Chambers, at
Partner News
Learning Opportunities
CCAM 2020 Webinar Series

The Coordinating Council on Access and Mobility (CCAM) partner agencies are hosting a webinar series to increase local, state and federal coordination to enhance accessible, efficient transportation options for the target population.

The first one, held Feb. 13, highlighted some of the 66 HHS programs in the CCAM program inventory. View the webinar recording here.

The second one, hosted by the Department of Transportation, will be on March 12. Register for the second one now.

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