Mobility Management News: March 2020
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Who knew such a minuscule thing in composition can cause such worry and stress? Due to COVID-19, schools, restaurants, places of work, and long-planned events have been closed and cancelled across the nation out of precautionary measures - as is likely the case in your neck of the woods. Importantly, transit systems are impacted, often in negative ways. With most running on reduced schedules, some smaller operations with more limited resources are halting service. In other cases, transit systems see the value of their service and are offering free rides to medical and food-related destinations or free rides on any operating bus.

For the purveyors of mobility management services and programs, this time comes as one to review how your operations work in unorthodox times and moment of crisis. Is there a contingency plan for a public health emergency in place? If not, how can work be done to design and implement one? What avenues exist to continue service, albeit at a limited scale? And if operations can't continue as normal, how do we make sure that our clients are aware of that change? Just a couple questions to consider. This similar line of thinking could be applied for a bad snowstorm or a major crash scene on a busy road that could cause disruptions to service that will impact those who rely on them. 

While this is a period of caution and times of concern, it's important to remember why places across the United States have begun to initiate sheltering-in-place and recommend social distancing. We are looking out for our neighbors- those familiar and those not. Just like mobility management programs, these things are done to help out those among us who need a little support to help get them through the day and where they want to go.

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Coronavirus-Related News
NCMM's COVID-19 Resource Center
NCMM's COVID-19 Resource Center is live and will be continually updated as new resources and information becomes available. Partner resources are listed, as well as our survey regarding the virus' effects on mobility management practitioners. Please consider filling out NCMM's survey on how your organization is handling this pandemic. This survey will help NCMM to determine common concerns and trends regarding COVID-19's impact on service, providing key data to work towards solutions and best practices for this time. We may resurvey in the next few weeks to evaluate changes as this pandemic continues. NCMM aims to later release a report on the findings to the greater mobility management community. 
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Cost Allocation Techniques for Community Transportation Webinar
The National Rural Transportation Assistance Program will be hosting a Cost Allocation Calculator Webinar on March 25 showcasing two new resources: NCMM's new free e-learning course, Cost Allocation Techniques for Community Transportation, and National RTAP's Cost Allocation Calculator, and ways to utilize the results for data reporting, pricing, and planning of services. Register to participate.

CCAM 2020 Webinar Series
The Coordinating Council on Access and Mobility partner agencies are hosting a webinar series to increase local, state and federal coordination to enhance accessible, efficient transportation options for the target population. Archived webinar from February and exact dates for the April and following webinars are available at the FTA page.
Technical Assistance Opportunity
The National Center for Applied Transit Technology (N-CATT) has extended their deadline for Technology Strike Team Technical Assistance requests until March 27. This opportunity is for small-urban, rural, and tribal transit agencies to apply for in-depth technical assistance from N-CATT's Innovative Technology Strike Teams. These teams will work with up to four agencies to develop technology action plans that help the agencies understand how to accomplish their goals, what technologies will be useful, and how to implement those new technologies.

Final applications will be due by 5:00 p.m. EST on March 27

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