Mobility Management News: May 2020
Hello newsletter readers, 

There's a lot happening in the realm of NCMM that I'm excited to share with you. I'll do a quick rundown of each, with more detailed information within the newsletter.

First and foremost is the release of our Community Mobility Design Challenge 2020. Four communities will work with the NCMM to improve people's access to personal health and well-being through innovative transportation solutions. To learn more about the grant application process and to download the RFP, visit the grant's webpage. Find out more about our past grantees on our Community Grants page.

For mobility management professionals working in the field, a 9-month opportunity is available to be a Champion for the Mobility Management Connection Forum and bring a valuable practitioner perspective to NCMM publications. More information on the initiative is below. In addition, the NCMM has an open survey regarding ideas and interest in a Quarterly Mobility Management Call - please fill it out, it'll help guide future NCMM networking and communication activities.

The NCMM is pleased to introduce our newly expanded Knowledge Center. It serves as a centralized location for information and resources pertaining to mobility management; our Resources By Topic, States at a Glance, and Glossary pages are now housed there. Of particular note is the addition of two new resources within it. Our technology typology page Technology for Mobility Management: A Framework for Moving Forward gives mobility managers a framework for understanding, comparing, and implementing new transit technology. The new One-Call/One-Click Resource Center focuses on various one-call/one-click models and functions.

For communities interested in, or with existing, One Call/One Click systems, a free, in-depth, remote learning opportunity is available through the NCMM. Details can be found here.

As always, if you have any recommendations for website or newsletter content, a written piece you'd like considered for NCMM's blog, Mobility Lines, or just want to reach out, my contact information is below.  


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We Want You on the Cover of our Mobility Lines Blog!
As communities and organizations across the country have adjusted their services an operations during this pandemic, the NCMM is interested in hearing how the daily work environment has changed for mobility management practitioners. What do your agency's operations look like today? What about your interactions with the people you serve? Email us a photo that best visualizes your daily operations in the COVID-19 era - along with a 1-2 line explanation - to [email protected] with the subject line: Mobility Management Operations Change.
Applications Open for Community Mobility Design Challenge 2020 Grant
The National Center for Mobility Management (NCMM) has released the application for the Community Mobility Design Challenge 2020! NCMM's Community Mobility Design Challenge 2020 grants, with funding from the Federal Transit Administration, will support communities in seeking innovative ways to address the personal wellbeing of community members that face transportation barriers to recreation and physical activities, healthy food, personal safety, economic opportunity, health care, or community and peer support opportunities. 

The application deadline for this opportunity is July 6, 2020.  Download the application here.
One Call/One Click News
The NCMM's One Call/One Click (OC/OC) Resource Center developed with Civic Sphere LLC, is live now. Aspects of an OC/OC system - such as trip information, booking, and payment - are discussed at length. In-depth case studies of current OC/OC systems are provided as well. 
Remote Training Opportunity - One Call/One Click Systems
NCMM is offering a remote training opportunity on how communities can establish and/or expand existing One-Call/One-Click (OC/OC) systems. OC/OC systems [] "inform the public about all available transportation options for all populations in a given geographic area, enabling users to gain tailored trip information as well as book and pay for trips." NCMM is inviting communities who are interested in receiving this training to submit an expression of interest by June 30, 2020, 11:59 p.m. via NCMM's online form. Learn more about this remote-training opportunity.
Technology for Mobility Management: A Framework for Moving Forward
The webpage for the NCMM's technology typology for mobility management is now live. The goal is to give mobility managers a framework for understanding, comparing, and evaluating the value of the many different types of technology available in the community transportation sector. It is organized as an interactive matrix with columns covering the main technology areas of transit, with a click on each level showing an in-depth analysis of the scalability, accessibility and ease of implementation, among other criterion. 

Mobility Management Connections 
MMC Champions Opportunity
This year, NCMM is offering three mobility managers the opportunity for to serve as a Mobility Management Champions for 9 months, from June until February 2021. The three selected Champions will serve as facilitators of monthly community activity on the NCMM's online forum, the Mobility Management Connections. Activities undertaken by Champions include:

  • Sharing questions and issues of their choice that are relevant to mobility management activities
  • Disseminating resources and tools that pertain to this topic
  • Responding to questions posed by other mobility management professionals via the MMC discussion forum.
  • Writing two guest posts on the NCMM blog on topics of their choice
Champions will receive $1000 to support their participation as an MMC champion. Mobility managers interested in this role should have at least one year of experience in a mobility management profession and/or have activities related to coordination of mobility resources in their position. The Champions will be a mentor to other MMC members with less experience and champion discussion and resource-sharing during their tenure. To apply, please fill out this application form. The application deadline is June 5. If you have any questions about the position, email [email protected].
Seeking Input Regarding Potential Quarterly Mobility Management Call
NCMM is surveying mobility management practitioners about their interest in a quarterly call hosted by NCMM staff to complement online forums like MMC. The call would provide opportunities for mobility managers, state mobility management program managers, and others to exchange ideas and issues they face in their work to advance mobility management in their communities.  You can access the survey link here.
Fast Links to NCMM Resources

  • Technology Assistance: Contact NCMM's technologist, Kevin Chambers, at [email protected].
Partner News
CTAA Mini-Virtual EXPO: The Transit Restart
The NCMM's host organization - CTAA - is excited to announce a mini-virtual EXPO; a precursor to the annual EXPO to be held this year in November. This two-day mini-conference will include virtual sessions on operations, safety, communications, HR and more, in light of COVID-19. Participants should expect to dig deep into ways in which agencies have overcome challenges related to this pandemic and look ahead towards new goals. This innovative event will focus entirely on how COVID-19 has impacted operations and ways in which industry leaders can guide their system into the future. Some of the scheduled sessions may be of value to those in the realm of mobility management, like "Rethinking Service: A New Approach to Mobility" or "Communicating Transit Safety and Preparedness to the Community".

Funding Opportunities
About Mobility Management News
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