Annual Wellness Visit

Please join us in encouraging your patients to complete their Annual Wellness Visits (AWV). Moda and Summit Health have contracted with, Carenet Health, to educate and assist members to get their annual checkup. AWVs are fully covered and come at no cost to your patients.

Carenet will be placing welcome calls to our Medicare Advantage (MA) membership. They will ensure patients have health plan information that helps them schedule their annual visit. In the coming months, your office can expect to receive calls from Carenet and your patients to schedule annual wellness visits.  

While an AWV is not a Medicare Star Measure, it is an opportunity to impact many quality measures and improve better health outcomes for your patients. A key aspect of these visits is the Health Risk Assessment, which is required by Medicare in every AWV. During an AWV, you can assess your patient’s physical health status, psychosocial and behavioral risks, cognitive and functional status, biometric health indicators, and establishing risk factors and personalized plan for preventive care. This enables you and your patients to stay current on preventive screenings and vaccines, effectively manage chronic conditions, and be proactive in addressing any care gaps.

It is important to code the wellness visit accurately, for both your own reimbursement and quality measure reporting. Learn more about how to code an AWV at the Medicare Wellness Visit website.