October 2019 Newsletter 
Message From the President

As the M&S Track chairs just released the call for abstract for the IISE 2020 Annual Conference and Expo, it reminded us the great success we had in the Annual Conference and Expo in Orlando this year. As the President of the M&S Division, I would first like to thank our hardworking volunteers, specially to the Immediate Past President Dr. Omar Ashour (Penn State  Behrend) and our outgoing board members, Weihang Zhu (University of Houston), Jeffrey Smith (Auburn University), Caroline Krejci (University of Texas at Arlington), and Faisal Aqlan (Penn State Behrend) for their services in the past two years. We are grateful to the track chairs for their excellent work and service in organizing a successful M&S track at 2019 IISE Annual Conference and Expo. We thank Christos Alexopoulos and Jeff Hong for organizing the invited sessions, Faisal Aqian and Dusan Sormaz for their efforts in organizing the contributed sessions, and Katie Prochaska from Simio for organizing all the industry sessions.

T he M&S Division launched the M&S Teaching Award and  Dr. Barry L. Nelson, Walter P. Murphy Professor, from the Department of Industrial Engineering & Management Sciences at Northwestern University, was the inaugural winner. The Division also ran two competitions: M&S Best Track Paper Award and M&S Best Student Paper Award. These winders are announced in this newsletter. We will continue to hold these competitions in the next year.

Katie Prochaska,
Omar Asour

Omar Ashour, Caroline Krejci, Michael Kuhl

Renee Thiesing, Omar Ashour

This newsletter contains:
  • M&S Division Election Results and M&S Leadership
  • M&S Division 2019 Townhall Meeting Summary
  • M&S 2019 Teaching Award
  • M&S Best Track Paper Award
Thank you and I look forward to serving you
IISE M&S Division President
M&S Board Members 
Caroline Krejci (2019 - 2020)
Role: President-Elect
Assistant Professor
University of Texas at Arlington

Omar Ashour (2019 - 2020)
Role: Immediate Past President
Associate Professor
Penn State Behrend
Dongping Du (2018 - 2020)
Role: Director of Newsletter
Assistant Professor
Texas Tech University

Michael Kuhl (2018 - 2020)
Role: Director of Technical Content
Rochester Institute of Technology
Raed Jaradat (2018 - 2020)
Role: Director of Outreach and Networking
Assistant Professor
Mississippi State University

( New ) Andrew Collins (2019 - 2021)
Role: Director of Awards
Associate Professor
Old Dominion University
( New ) Shrikant Jarugumilli (2019 - 2021)
Role: Director-At-Large I
Bayer, Saint Louis, MO

( New ) Salvador Romo (2019 - 2021)
Role: Director-At-Large II
( New ) John Shortle (2019 - 2021)
Role: Director of Events and Conferences
Georg Mason University 
( New ) Shima Mohebbi (2019 - 2021)
Role: Secretary
Assistant Professor
University of Oklahoma 
M&S Town Hall Meeting

The M&S division Town Hall Meeting was successfully held on May 19th at the 2019 IISE Annual Conference and Expo. During the meeting, the President, Dr. Omar Ashour, presented the mission and Vision of the division, introduced new board members, announced winners of multiple awards sponsored by the M&S division.

In the past year, the M&S membership has a significant growth from 1,309 members in June 2018 to 1,732 members in June 2019. Out of all members, student members account for 74% and professional members account for 26%, including 11% academic members and 15% industry members. Technical Health Report was presented during the meeting, and the overall performance indicator increased from 62% to 69% as compared to 2018. The scores of leadership health, operations health, and membership health of the division increased by 15.3%, 8.4%, and 9.0%, respectively, as compared to last year.

This year, the M&S Division organized 12 paper sessions, 11 invited talks, 62 oral presentations, and one town hall meeting at the 2019 IISE Annual Conference and Expo. In addition, the M&S track sponsored three awards: 2019 IISE M&S Teaching Award, 2019 IISE M&S Best Track Paper Award, and 2019 IISE M&S Best Student Paper Award. The awards received many nominations and high-quality papers. We would like to thank all track chairs and the award committee for their excellent works.

In addition, the future plan of the division was discussed during the meeting, which includes organizing more seminars and workshops to engage more researchers and practitioners and to promote collaborations within the division.
2019 IISE M&S Teaching Award

Congratulations to Dr. Barry L. Nelson, Walter P. Murphy Professor, from the Department of Industrial Engineering & Management Sciences at Northwestern University on winning the 2019 IISE M&S Teaching Award. Dr. Nelson is a leader in the teaching of modeling and simulation. He has published three widely adopted classic simulation textbooks, various book chapters and winter simulation conference advanced tutorials. Dr. Nelson was nominated for his class IEMS317: Discrete-Event System Simulation, where he uses modern software, weekly labs, and three carefully designed projects. The class was highly rated by students for both applied learning and innovations.

The M&S track received eight nominations for the Teaching Award this year, and the winner was selected by the award committee of three judges. The award was announced at the 2019 M&S Town Hall meeting, and the certificate was given in the winner's dinner at 2019 IISE Annual Conference and Expo. We would like to thank Simio LLC for sponsoring this teaching award.
2019 IISE M&S Best Student Paper Award

The M&S division is pleased to announce the winner of the best student paper award at the 2019 IISE Annual Conference and Expo. The recipients of the 2019 IISE M&S Best Student Paper Award are:
1st place -  Multi-stage Stochastic Programming for Prepositioning Relief Supplies Considering Expiration Dates  by Olanrewaju Oluwasegun; Zhijie Dong; Shaolong Hu; Lingyu Meng from Texas State University.
2nd place -  A MILP Model for Road Restoration after a Natural Disaster  by Sachin Mhatre; Xiuli Qu; Lauren Davis from North Carolina A&T State University.
3rd place -  Discrete Event Simulation-Based System Analysis in Mail-order Pharmacy Automation System  by Yuanyuan Li; Qianqian Zhang; Sang Won Yoon from State University of New York at Binghamton.

Congratulations to all winners! The M&S division would like to thank Simio LLC for sponsoring the best student paper award. More information about the Division's awards can be found here ( http://www.iise.org/Details.aspx?id=951 )

Olanrewaju Oluwasegu and Omar Ashour, Immediate Past President

Sachin Mhatre and Omar Ashour,  Immediate Past President

2019 IISE M&S Best Track Paper Award

The M&S Division would like to congratulate Md Mamunur Rahman, Yuan Zhou, and K Jamie Rogers from the Department of Industrial Engineering at The University of Texas at Arlington on winning the Best Track Paper Award for their paper entitled "Performance of Median U-Turn (MUT) Intersection for Alleviation of Traffic Congestion". Their paper develops a high-fidelity simulation model using the Agent-Based Modeling approach to mimic the traffic flow of one of the busiest intersections in Dhaka city. The study provides valuable evidence to the transport planners to consider MUT at busy intersections for alleviating traffic congestion in Dhaka city.

The M&S track received many excellent papers this year, the award committee performed double-blind reviews and selected the winner. The award was announced at the 2018 M&S Town Hall meeting, and certificates were given at 2018 IISE Annual Conference and Expo.
Submit your abstract for the 2020 IISE Annual Conference

The Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers (IISE) is excited to invite you to New Orleans for an educational feast fit for the profession's finest. At the IISE Annual Conference & Expo, you're joining leaders in the field, up-and-comers and students to network, gather new ideas and learn about innovative tools and techniques. Prepare to make connections that will aid your career and build friendships that last a lifetime.

Presentations will cover overall content of the profession instead of focusing specifically on research or applied solutions.

Submit your abstract by Nov. 8. Submit your abstract now!
2020 IISE CUP Competition 

A new addition to the IISE Annual Conference & Expo is the 
IISE CUP  competition. The  IISE CUP  provides an exciting opportunity for companies/universities to highlight their successful solutions. The general theme across all   IISE CUP  categories is innovation. Faisal Aqlan is the committee chair and if you have any questions contact him @ fua11@psu.edu. Read More here.
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