Modeling Leadership: Reflection 
Chevre  Friends,

In anticipation of our June 3 keynote program and gathering, Empowering Women's Leadership: Honoring Anita,  I invite you to read a reflection on Women's Leadership from SCM's Rabbinic Intern, Jessica Goldberg.  Her words eloquently express the values that Anita Redner z"l stood for and lived, values that frame our work at Synagogue Council  going forward.

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David Bernat, Executive Director
Like Grasshoppers: Reflections on Women's Leadership
Jessica Goldberg, Hebrew College Rabbinic School `19

During the week of June 3rd of this year, we will be reading Numbers 13-14, the classic story about the meraglim (scouts) Moses sends into Canaan to scope out the land that G-d promised to the Israelites. Twelve scouts go, and ten return with a negative but honest report: "All of the people we saw there were like giants. There we saw the Nephilim...we were grasshoppers in our own eyes, and so must we have been in their eyes" (Numbers 13:32-33). The two scouts who returned positive reports, Joshua and Caleb, were named the next leaders of Israel after Moses, while the other ten were destined to die before reaching the Promised Land.

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