May 2019 Newsletter
Wealth in Unexpected Places:
How Data Uncovered Opportunity for Philanthropy in Kitsap County.
This month, Travis Green, LOCUS Solutions Consultant, and Dana Williams, LOCUS Analyst, share how the Transfer of Wealth ™  uncovered philanthropic resources in Kitsap County, Washington.
The Kitsap Peninsula, West of Seattle, has just 1/20 th the population of its metropolitan neighbor across the Puget Sound, Seattle. But a recent report produced by LOCUS Impact Investing found that by 2048, the region’s transfer of wealth opportunity could help finance 180 new community facilities or make 3,600 new small business loans to drive the Peninsula’s prosperity and quality of life. That’s on top of $1.5 billion that could be granted to local nonprofits to address other community needs.
But where is this “transfer of wealth” coming from that could make such a difference for Kitsap? It’s local, and it’s on the Peninsula today. It’s in bank accounts, invested in local businesses, held in local real estate, and saved in retirement plans. LOCUS’ Transfer of Wealth™ analysis provides a reasonable estimate of the total household wealth that will transfer from one generation to the next over a given period, 10 years or 50 years, for a region like the Kitsap Peninsula. Transfer of wealth estimates are scenarios of a “most likely future” based on historical research and reasonable assumptions of the future.
While past research has found that most of this household wealth – an average of $879,000 – will be passed on to heirs, evidence shows that individuals and families also give back to their communities, keeping some of that wealth invested in and granting to the places they have called home. Many foundations mount “Just 5%” campaigns targeting the capture of 5% of a region’s transfer of wealth opportunity. Anecdotes from the Nebraska Community Foundation and Central Florida Foundation show that when foundations set achievable, future-oriented goals for capturing transferring wealth, they can make significant progress... – Read More On Our Blog
Opportunity Zone Updates
On April 11, 2019,  Governor Ralph Northam   announced   that the Commonwealth of Virginia will support a new initiative led by LOCUS Impact Investing and our parent, Virginia Community Capital , in partnership with the Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) and the Virginia Housing Development Authority (VHDA) . The goal is to cultivate a marketplace that connects community-identified projects across Virginia with investors who are motivated by OZ tax benefits and the chance to invest in a project that delivers community benefits.

Adam Northup , LOCUS Financial Strategist, will speak on a panel during Impact Investing Day 2019 , hosted by AltCap . The session, "Investing in community funding models and Opportunity Zones," will cover how the new tax instrument can be used to benefit under-served communities.

We believe that place-based community foundations are uniquely positioned to use Opportunity Zones to drive non-traditional philanthropy. Recently, we published additional information on our website describing the niche foundation's can fill in this evolving field. If you'd like to learn more about LOCUS' thoughts on Opportunity Zones, reach out to Adam Northup .
17th Annual Women's Philanthropy Board Spring Symposium. LOCUS President Teri Lovelace represented LOCUS at the Women's Philanthropy Board's 2019 Spring Symposium and Luncheon. She addressed the gathering with a panel titled "Social Impact Investing," where she discussed how a growing crop of organizations are working to use non-traditional methods of philanthropy to better align business and social impact.
Pictured: LOCUS President Teri Lovelace at the 17th Women's Philanthropy Board Spring Symposium
Getting Familiar with the Natural State. On April 19 th , Deb Markley and Adam Northup wrapped up a landscape assessment road trip for our partner, the Arkansas Community Foundation . Throughout the week, Deb and Adam met with chamber, economic development, higher education, CDFI and other small business and workforce development partners in the southwest and northeast parts of the state to help identify opportunities that the Community Foundation might tackle going forward. We look forward to sharing the insights gained and thoughts on next steps with the Foundation in the months ahead.
Partner Spotlight
Arkansas Community Foundation works statewide and through a network of local affiliates to “partner with Arkansans to build better communities.” They are actively using a broad range of tools and assets to achieve this end and, like many foundations, are seeking to achieve greater impact over time. To learn more, go to .
Vibrant Places. In April, LOCUS’ parent company VCC released its 2018 Impact Report, chronicling highlights of VCC's work over the last year creating impact through place-based work. VCC and LOCUS are poised to have even greater impact and foster more vibrant places in the next decade, just like we did in 2018 and the years before. – Read More
VCC:  The Real Leaders 100.   Real Leaders Big Path Capital , and   B Lab   collaborated to assess and rank the “100 Top Impact Companies” of 2019. The group compiled the inaugural list in an edition of  Real Leader’s  business magazine, the first ranking of positive impact companies in North America. LOCUS' parent company  Virginia Community Capital (VCC)   was honored to receive an award and be recognized as number 45 on the list of 100 amazing companies. See the full list   here .
News From the Field
In an article with Forbes , " Disruptive Philanthropy ," Sorenson Impact describes how the Phillips Foundation is challenging the conventional wisdom that positive social and financial returns are mutually exclusive. – Read More
In an interview with ThinkAdvisor , the CEO of BlueHub Capital , Elyse Cherry , discussed her journey as a pioneer in the field of place-based impact investing and how CDFIs can offer investors a fixed income alternative in the impact investing space. – Read More
An article published by Convergence discusses how corporate and private foundations are uniquely positioned to participate in blended finance strategies that cross sectors and geographies. – Read More
Four Healthcare Anchor Network (HAN) members and six more of the largest hospitals serving Chicago announced the formation of The Chicago HEAL Initiative . The entities will partner to employ methods like local hiring and supply procurement to address community challenges and improve health outcomes. – Read More
Chief Community Health Officer for Kaiser Permanente , Dr. Bechara Choucair , authored an article on how lack of safe affordable housing is contributing to poor health outcomes in under-served communities as well as his organization's efforts to raise awareness of policy solutions to addressing these challenges. – Read More
Where You'll Find the LOCUS Team
May 1 Kansas City, MO
Adam Northup is a speaker.
May 1-2 Philadelphia, PA
LOCUS Board Member Cathy Dolan will participate.
May 6 Atlanta, GA
Sydney England is a participant and Speaker.
June 11-13 Atlanta, GA
Sydney will exhibit on behalf of LOCUS and participate.
June 13-14 Washington, DC
LOCUS is a sponsor. CJ Carter and Teri Lovelace will exhibit on behalf of LOCUS and participate.
July 15-17 Cleveland, OH
Team members will exhibit on behalf of LOCUS and participate.
Sept. 6 Berkeley, CA
LOCUS will sponsor and participate.
Oct. 17-19 Colorado Springs, CO
Deb Markley will present with Ellen Ray, Still Water Foundation, on Big Impact for Small Towns through Regional Collaboration.
Oct. 27-29 Wichita, KS
Members of the LOCUS team will host a session during the event.
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