May 15th, 2021 Vending Technology News
Vendors Exchange International’s Universal Control Boards make it easy for operators to modernize their vending machines without having to invest their time and money into complicated upgrades that might not be effective. 

The Efficient Way To Modernize A Vending Machine
With the Universal Control Board, an operator can modernize vending machines for dual cashless technology and integrate touchless technology. The board is configured to allow future upgrades from VEII. The Universal Control Board can be integrated with touchscreens and is configured for future upgrades that the company will be making which will give operators the ability to change pricing and more. 

The control boards include all necessary materials to get up and running fast, including a manual, electrical harness, labels, MDB / DEX harnesses, power supply, electrical harnesses, keypad, along with the necessary hardware. 

Ultraviolet machine sanitizing technology has been added to the AI-powered VICKI smart store vending machines. According to the manufacturer, here is how it works. For 90 seconds after each consumer closes the VICKI door to complete the transaction and payment, built-in UV technology is activated to ensure all contact points and products are clean and sanitary before any further consumer interaction. The manufacturer says this ensures that no germs or viruses can be transferred during machine use. UV light is a well-studied antimicrobial technology. It works primarily by destroying the DNA inside bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

All vending operators have one thing in common, the need to move machines in and out of locations. Some operators move their own machines, others subcontract moves to outside businesses, thus incurring additional expense and perhaps delivery delays and further machine downtime.  If operators move their own machines and don’t have proper moving equipment, employees may injure themselves which opens up a completely different business situation. Proper moving equipment, such as the PowerMate LiftGate series, provides operators an efficient way to move their machines which will also save backs and reduce the chance of employee injury. 

About The LiftGate

Made by PowerMate, the LiftGate offers everything that an operator needs to conveniently move one of their vending machines without risking injury.

The company offers two different versions of their liftgate. Both versions (LG-3 and LG-6) are ideal solutions for full-sized vans because each comes equipped with a swing arm that will enable operators to easily position their loads into their vehicles safely

Is your micro market growing and you’re searching for a more convenient way to manage customers? If so, the Avanti Markets Auxiliary Kiosk could be a good fit for your business. 

This kiosk is an ideal solution for busy markets, and smaller markets, because it has a 15” monitor, and the kiosk, can easily be mounted to a countertop, wall, or used with a floor stand as a free-standing kiosk. 

31” Tall And 11.5” Wide 

The Avanti Markets auxiliary kiosk is unlike most kiosks that are available today because it stands at just 31” tall and 11.5” wide, so it is one of the most compact kiosk on the market today. This Avanti kiosk has remote ordering capabilities as well because it comes loaded with SimpliGet, the Avanti Markets remote ordering solution. 

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