Top Five Modular Construction Trends to Watch in 2017
Starrco has been providing innovative modular building solutions for more than 50 years, and over that time, we have seen our industry and our customers' needs change.
So, we decided to dust off the Starrco crystal ball and look at industry trends that will be important in the year ahead.
Manufacturers are feeling increasing pressure to react to change fast. When speed means construction, modular offers a variety of significant advantages.
Modular manufacturing is, to put it simply, faster than conventional construction.
We can complete projects 75 percent faster than a general contractor.
When a Starrco building arrives at your dock, it is 100 percent finished and ready to assemble. That means, you protect your uptime and avoid the disruption associated with conventional construction methods.
"General contractors are specifying and installing more and more Starrco buildings because their clients need speed and flexibility," said Steve Schmidt, National Sales Manager.
From state of the art conference rooms, to executive suites with high ceilings and large windows, to flexible spaces with walls on wheels, modular construction offers style, quality and the ability to customize.
Some people want to look out, so they can see what is happening on the shop floor or in the office. Others need the ability to see in, so they can show customers their equipment in action.
"We're doing more process and equipment enclosures than ever before," said Greg Lerdahl, Starrco Territory Manager. "Decision-makers want these enclosures to really 'pop,' so to speak, and that means lots of glass."
Whatever the reason you need it, windows, glass walls, and glass doors will be an essential design element for many 2017 projects.
When you are not sure exactly what the future holds, you need flexibility.
With Starrco, you can easily add a conference room, restrooms, equipment enclosures and more. Walls can be dismantled and new rooms can be bolted onto your current structure without the mess of demolition, sawing, and sanding.
If you move to new premises, you can dismantle your Starrco building and put it on the moving truck. It can be reassembled at your new location and you can even reconfigure it if your needs change.
Today's companies need the versatility to change and modular delivers that flexibility.
Because modular is considered equipment and not classified as real property, you can take advantage of a variety of financing options not available for conventional construction.
For example, you may be able to depreciate 100 percent of your Starrco building in the year you buy it when you qualify under
Section 179 of the tax code. By comparison, stick built structures take 39 years to depreciate.
And, modular buildings can be leased and treated as a business expense instead of a capital cost.
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