Heartfelt condolences to the Islamic Ummah on the 
Martydom of Imam Hussein A.S.  
1st of Moharram is expected to be on
Friday, Sep 22nd, 2017 
Majalis will start on Thursday, Sep 21st, 2017

Ladies Majalis in Urdu
by Syeda Asma Abidi 
Thu, Sep 21 - Tue, Oct 3  
Basement at 5:30p 

Salaatul Maghribayn
by Sheikh Fadhel Al-Sahlani
Thu, Sep 21 - Tue, Oct 3 
Main Hall at 7:30p 
English Majalis
by Haj. Hussein Walji
Fri, Sep 22 - Sun, Oct 1   
Main Hall at 8:00p

Urdu Majalis
by Maulana Mehboob Mehdi Najafi
Thu, Sep 21 - Tue, Oct 3   
Main Hall at 9:00p 

Q&A and Arabic Majalis
by Sh. Fadhel Al-Sahlani and Sh. Haider As-Shawi
Thu, Sep 21 - Tue, Oct 3
Second Floor at 8:45p

Farsi Majalis
Fri, Sep 22 - Sun, Oct 1
Basement at 8:00p

Children Program
Thu, Sep 21 - Tue, Oct 3
Gymnasium (2nd Floor) at 8:30p 
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Parking Arrangements
Convenient parking facility available at the Jamaica Hospital Parking Garage. If you park on the street please observe the posted parking signs and do not block driveways of our neighbors.
Special parking arrangements have been made in cooperation with NYPD only for the day of Ashura