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December 2012

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High Desert Interpretive Center
MWA Welcomes Coleman
Consultant for IRWMP
Edible Landscaping at MWA
ABC's of Water on the Road
JBWD Recharge Project
ABC's of Water
"Compost - A Gardener's Gold"


January 22, 2013

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Cold Weather Preventative Action

If you are going away during the cold weather months, leave the heat on in your home. Set the thermostat at no lower than 55 degrees. It is also a good idea to have a friend or relative check on your home daily, and be sure to show them the location of the main water supply shut-off valve in case of an emergency.


If freezing temperatures persist for more than one day, opening a faucet and allowing a small trickle of water to run will help prevent water lines from freezing.


Exposed water supply lines on the outside of the house usually have a shut-off valve, pressure regulator, and/or hose bib between the ground and where the pipe enters the house. It is very important that this supply line be well insulated.


Heat tape, which is sold in most hardware stores, is a flexible band which can be wrapped around exposed pipes and then plugged into an outside electrical outlet. The heat tape has a thermostat that allows the tape to radiate heat as needed. Heat tape comes in multiple lengths depending on your desired application.


Leaks outside your house around any water line will increase the risk of freezing. Be sure to check for and repair all leaks before winter.


Winter Watering Your Landscaping


During winter months (Nov. through Mar.) most plants (trees, bushes, and most grasses) become dormant. They need very little, if any, watering. Dormant plants are usually sustained until spring by rain, snow, frost, and dew. Generally, unless it is a warm and very dry winter, regular watering on a daily basis is not needed.


During the extreme cold weather, it is a good idea to shut off the water supply valve to your irrigation system. Leave the sprinkler timer on and let it continue to open and close the valves normally, which will allow water in the valves to escape and give space in the valves and pipes for expansion should the temperatures drop low enough to freeze water below ground level.


If you feel you must water your landscape during the winter, do so during the warmest part of the day, between 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Watering too early or too late when temperatures drop can also cause ice to form on sidewalks and driveways. Another hazard is water in the gutters and streets freezing, which can cause pedestrians to slip and cars to slide. 


REMEMBER, it is always cheaper and more convenient to winterize during warm weather than it is to be without water and waiting for a plumber to repair frozen or broken water pipes.

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High Desert Interpretive Center Groundbreaking
Highlights Partnership 
HDIC Groundbreaking
Work begins onsite

Students and nature lovers will reap the benefits of the new High Desert Interpretive Center thanks to a partnership between the County of San Bernardino Museum Victor Valley Branch and Mojave Water Agency. Enthusiastic community leaders and policy makers attended the November 8 groundbreaking event held near Deep Creek Road, south of Rock Springs Road. 


Featuring a 1,500-foot long walking trail and educational kiosks on water resources and cultural history of the Mojave River, this partnership will offer a unique opportunity to observe and learn about this indispensable lifeline to the High Desert. The center will include a conference room with water exhibits and other educational resources, as well as an Operations Facility for MWA personnel. 


For more than 10 years, MWA has built up its Strategic Partners Program to identify and implement important water management and outreach opportunities that can only be accomplished through collaboration. These partnerships have generated abundant results for the region including the Invasive Species Removal Project along the Mojave River, GIS and water resource management courses at High Desert

colleges, the Mojave Riverwalk Project, riparian habitat restoration and re-vegetation projects, as well as demonstration gardens throughout the High Desert.
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MWA Welcomes Coleman

as Newest Director

Board Selects New Officers 


Carl Coleman, Mojave Water Agency's newest director (Division 5), was sworn into office along with Kimberly Cox (Division 1), Richard Hall, (Division 3), and Doug Shumway (Division 7), during ceremonies December 13 at the regular Board of Directors meeting. They will each serve a four-year term.


The seven-member board also includes members Jim Ventura (Division 2), Mike Page (Division 4), and Beverly Lowry (Division 6).


During the meeting the Board of Directors selected officers for 2013. They include: Kimberly Cox, President; Beverly Lowry, Vice-President; Doug Shumway, Secretary; and Jim Ventura, Treasurer. 

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Consultant Selected to Launch

Regional Water Plan


The Mojave Water Agency Board of Directors authorized staff to enter into a professional services agreement with Kennedy/Jenks Consultants to prepare an update to the MWA Integrated Regional Water Management Plan (IRWMP) at a cost not to exceed $805,931. The action was taken at the December 13 Board of Directors meeting.


The update will bring the IRWMP into compliance with new State laws to meet conditions of Proposition 84 grant agreements and position the agency for the next decade of water management activities, as well as potential grant funding.


Planning for water resource management on a regional basis is critical to providing a long-term stable and sustainable supply of water to the High Desert. MWA works with its partners to implement a portfolio of actions identified in the IRWMP to provide region-wide water supply stability.


To find out how you can participate in this process, contact the MWA offices at (760) 946-7000 or visit the agency website at

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Edible Landscaping Comes to MWA
Demonstration Garden 
Pomegranate Tree
Pomegranate Trees thrive in the desert

Many species of desert-smart plants are featured in the MWA Headquarters Demonstration Garden, offering great alternatives for High Desert homeowners rather than higher water using turf. However, none of these were edible or provided demonstrative examples of food-producing plants - until now!



The garden's moderate hydrozone, an area of a garden where plants with similar water needs are grouped together, has been planted with nine fruit trees that should yield a tasty harvest next spring and summer. The species were chosen according to their drought tolerance, as well as frost hardiness, a critical distinction for High Desert plant survival.


Using the existing drip system, timer and fertigation system, the irrigation of the apples, pomegranates, cherries and other fruit trees will be controlled in the same water-efficient manner as the rest of the garden. They will just yield more delicious results! The garden is open to the public during business hours and is available for school tours, workshops and lecture series. Requests can be made by calling 760-946-7038.
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ABC's of Water Goes on the Road
With Great Community Support! 
ABCs of Water November 2012
ABC's of Water Meeting in Phelan

The popular ABC's of Water series hit the road in November and headed out to the western edge of the MWA service area. In partnership with Phelan Pi´┐Żon Hills Community Services District (PPHCSD), the event, generally held at MWA Headquarters, was enjoyed by some 30 attendees at the Phelan Community Center on November 27.


The topic of "Your Local Water Supply - How PPHCSD and its Partners Keep Your Tap Flowing" was custom-made to generate interest and relevance to the local community. With a service area of 4,900 square miles, the richly diverse population within the MWA region provides countless opportunities for tailored outreach and community education.


If you would like an ABC's of Water held in your area, or desire a speaker for a group meeting, contact our Speakers Bureau at 760-946-7038.

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JBWD Celebrates Groundbreaking of Recharge Project 
JBWD Groundbreaking
Officials celebrate recharge project

Joshua Basin Water District (JBWD) officials celebrated the kick-off of the Joshua Basin Groundwater Recharge Project during groundbreaking ceremonies December 12 on Verbena Road north of the Morongo Basin Transit Authority operations center in Joshua Tree.



The recharge project will complete the final phase of the Morongo Basin Pipeline that will carry imported water purchased from Mojave Water Agency. Water will be transported via the pipeline to recharge ponds where it will percolate and filter naturally into the groundwater basin to be stored for future use. Construction is expected to begin in early 2013.


Participating in the ceremonial groundbreaking photo, from left to right, are: JBWD Directors Victoria Fuller, Bill Long, Frank Coate, and Mike Reynolds; Joe Guzzetta, JBWD General Manager; Mickey Luckman, JBWD Director; and Mike Metts, JBWD Engineer. JBWD Director Gary Wilson was not present. (Photo courtesy of Hi-Desert Publishing)

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