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July 2012

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Water Savings Results Soaring
Agency Begins Operating at Deep Creek
One Step Forward
MWA Board Passes Another Balanced Budget
July is Smart Irrigation Month
Compost Pile
Brown Gold Composting Workshop

July 10, 2012

6:00 p.m.


Victorville City Hall

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Victorville, CA 


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ABC's of Water
"River of Gold:
Folklore and Legends of Underground Rivers
in the Mojave Region"


July 24, 2012

5:30 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.


MWA Boardroom

13846 Conference

Center Drive, AV 


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Water Savings Results Soaring from
Regional Conservation Programs


The High Desert is on the forefront of meeting the statewide challenge to reduce water use 20% by the year 2020. MWA and your local water company have steered the way in helping residents and businesses reach toward this important goal. Between water efficient indoor fixture upgrades to reducing - or eliminating - their outdoor lawns, residents, businesses and school districts have a greater understanding of the benefits of reducing how much water they use both inside and out.


People are working hard to increase our local water supplies through conservation. Over 2,000 applicants have applied for and received water conservation incentives, conserving enough water to support over 2,000 households per year. Cash for Grass Program participants have been major contributors to this work by reducing lawn area in the High Desert by 4.7 million square feet - and still counting! (see map)  

Conservation Measures 





























Conservation is the easiest and least expensive way for you to help secure water supplies for future generations. If you missed the window to apply for Cash for Grass between November and May of last year, applications will again be accepted starting November 1, 2012. For more information about program eligibility and requirements for participation, log onto our website at conservation programs and check in with your local water provider in November to get started on the application process.

Agency Begins Operating at the Deep Creek
Recharge Outlet Project


Groundwater recharge within the Mojave River flood plain is an effective way to quickly and efficiently provide additional water supplies to areas where an imported water supply is most needed. The Deep Creek Recharge Outlet (see photo) became operational last week and is another link in the water management portfolio designed by MWA to secure a better water future for the region.


A portfolio of regional water management options was developed in the 2004 Integrated Regional Water Management Plan (IRWMP) and was used to prioritize projects like this groundwater recharge project that banks imported water in our underground aquifers. This project is another example of the Agency's pledge to assure greater water supply stability by following through on its IRWMP commitments.


Adding an outlet in the Deep Creek area along the river will help recharge aquifers in an area where residents, businesses and water companies generally get their water from wells. Similar to the Agency's Rock Springs Recharge Outlet, this project is designed to help meet both the water supply needs of the local community and the region.  


An update to the IRWMP is underway in order to plan and prioritize water management projects for the future needs of our region. More information on the 2004 IRWMP can be found on our website and then click on the "projects" heading and then "planning". (It will take awhile to open due to the document size.)

One Step Forward on MWA Operations Department
and County of San Bernardino High Desert
Interpretive Center


In an effort to optimize Agency operations and in cooperation with the County of San Bernardino, MWA is moving forward on the Operations Department and High Desert Interpretive Center. A June 11th Pre-Bid Meeting kicked off an approximately year-long process that will result in an Operations Center for the MWA Operations Department, as well as an interactive history and science-based interpretive site in cooperation with the County Museum Department.

Through a multi-year County partnership, the MWA purchased this 74-acre property along over a half-mile of Mojave River frontage for a small fraction of the market value. The primary purpose of the center is to provide the Operations Department staff more efficient and immediate access to Agency infrastructure along the Mojave River, including the new Deep Creek Recharge Project.


While it will house department staff and equipment associated with maintaining infrastructure and recharge operations, this site will also provide an educational destination for people interested in learning more about our County's water history. Adjacent to Deep Creek Road, a quarter-mile trail will display educational kiosks (see diagram below) and sitting areas with historical and water-related information. A hundred-yard walk to the Operations Center will allow access for school groups and public visitors to view more educational exhibits and various displays so our residents can learn more about our past, present and future water supply.
 MWA Board Passes Another Balanced Budget  

A balanced budget is the norm for MWA and the 2012-13 Fiscal Year Budget is no exception. After over five months of committee and staff review, this budget demonstrates that the Agency is in a stable and sustainable financial position, created through fiscal conservatism, active grant pursuit and acquisition, and transparent stakeholder input.

As stated in the budget introduction, "The Board and staff... continued to carry out critical plans while maintaining a balanced budget. The actions taken have allowed the Agency to meet its objectives for water supply availability and left the Agency in a strong financial position as we enter the next round of developing new plans to meet future challenges".


A few highlights of this budget include:

  • The Agency's Five-Year Cash Flow Risk Model demonstrates a stable and sustainable financial position.
  • Fiscal conservatism allows Mojave Water Agency to carry out a five-year capital improvement plan of over $130 million.
  • The Agency will defray and has defrayed a significant portion of the capital investments using portions of grants exceeding $43 million in grant funds.
  • Recently awarded grants from Proposition 84 will allow the Agency to continue its investments in water conservation as a way to extend the region's water supply to meet State water resource planning requirements. 
  • MWA will work with the State Water Contractors to help fix the problems with the Sacramento Delta and to shore up reliability of water supplies from the State Water Project.

For further information on previous years' budgets, or to see the

Fiscal Year 2012-13 Budget, log onto our website at

July is Smart Irrigation Month

The highest landscape water demand in the High Desert is typically during the month of July. Smart Irrigation Month is designed to grow public awareness in outdoor water-use efficiency.


A result of the Irrigation Association's initiative, this campaign is intended to:

  • Educate homeowners, businesses, growers and other users about simple ways to save money and water outdoors.
  • Encourage industry firms and professionals to promote smart irrigation practices and technologies to their customers.
  • Help water providers minimize peak water use and reduce demands on infrastructure in their communities.
  • Reinforce the role efficient irrigation plays in providing real solutions to today's water challenges.

Launched in 2005, support for Smart Irrigation Month is growing as stakeholders recognize the benefits of efficient irrigation. The Irrigation Association is a membership organization for irrigation equipment and system manufacturers, dealers, distributors, designers, consultants, contractors and end users. For more information and resources on Smart Irrigation Month, log onto: