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March 2012

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It's that Time of Year...
Innovation at Its Finest
Will a Big Earthquake "Leave Our Water Supplies...
New Division Boundaries are Ready
Spring Care for Your Desert Landscape
Kimberly Cox Recognized by Local College
Social Media
Adelanto's First Saturday's Workshop
Presented by the Adelanto Garden Club
 This workshop will be held the first Saturday of every month.


March 3 & April 7, 2012

9:00 - 11:00 a.m.


Adelanto Community Center

11555 Cortez, Adelanto

(behind the baseball field)


For more information,

contact Belen Cordero

ABC's of Water
"How Your Water Agency is
Protecting Health and Quality of Life"


March 27, 2012

5:30 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.


MWA Boardroom

13846 Conference

Center Drive, AV 


RSVP by March 26, 2012

to (760) 946-7001 or


For more information,

click on flier.

Green Careers Day

March 29, 2012

8:00 a.m. - 3:15 p.m.


Victor Valley College

Student Activities Center

(Upper Campus)


For more information,

contact ?

Water Awareness Expo
Friday - Sunday

April 13-15, 2012

Times vary each day.


San Bernardino County Fairgrounds - Victorville


For more information, you can contact your local water district or (760) 946-7001 or

Morongo Basin
Earth Day

April 21, 2012

9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.


Yucca Valley

Community Center


For more information, contact your local

water district.

Earth Day at the MRF

April 21, 2012

8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.


Victor Valley Materials Recovery Facility

17000 Abbey Lane, VV


For more information, contact your local

water district.

MWA Facilities Mini Tour
May 2, 2012

8:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.


MWA Boardroom

13846 Conference

Center Drive 


RSVP by April 23, 2012

to (760) 946-7001 or


For more information,

click on flier.

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It's that Time of Year--Preparing for Next Year's Budget


As a prelude to the Fiscal Year 2012-13 budget process, General Manager Kirby Brill gave the Board of Directors a mid-year status report on the Agency's Strategic Goals. Strategic Planning WorkshopSix goals adopted by the board in 2002 have guided the Agency as it fulfills its mission (the goals are listed on our website at Suffice to say, the status report showed continuing progress on all of the goals. Most notably was Goal #1 which reads: Develop sound fiscal and organizational policies that allow the Agency to be effective, innovative and responsive.


Mr. Brill noted that the Agency's efforts, projects, and investments were made possible by our "financial engine" (Goal #1) and we would not have been able to make the achievements without the financial resources to do so. Among the financial achievements were:

  • Receipt of $8 million in Prop 84 grant
  • Refined development of sound fiscal model and forecasting tools for better planning and risk assessment
  • Implemented new financial system, including new budget tracking report and system access for staff
  • Moved into new Headquarters, placing all personnel under one roof
  • Implemented new rate setting policy
  • Updated Purchasing Policy
  • Updated Personnel Policy and Procedures to include 2nd tier benefits for new hires
  • Increased participation in SWC Audit-Finance and IAA Committees for better planning and risk assessment
  • Continued to receive "clean" audits for federal grant funds and state grant funds
  • Maintained AA rating, despite tough economic times
  • Continued with monthly cash flow (24 month view) updates for almost "real time" disclosure of fiscal health
  • Proceeded through greatest period for exposure to financial risk without needing to utilize Line of Credit and maintained reserve levels above those required in the Reserve Fund Policy

To hear the full presentation given by the General Manager visit our website and click on "Meetings and Agendas" for the February 9 board meeting. The discussion regarding the Strategic Goals update occurs between intervals 00:03:20--00:36:03.

Innovation at Its Finest


Website Home Page

If the old adage is true that "two heads are better than one", then surely 10-heads are better than two. At least 10 staff members at MWA proved that it's true when they voluntarily took on a major challenge, which was to improve the way the Agency handles the volumes of information and communication that comes in and goes out to the public. Perhaps the biggest challenge for


the team was the task of overhauling the Agency's website.  


The team members-none of which had experience in web design-represented each of the Agency's eight departments and brought their own brand of creativity to the process. The team toiled for approximately seven weeks to make the website easier to update, navigate, and have better eye appeal. What's most gratifying is that the team operated with minimal supervision (one manager was on the team providing technical assistance) and minimal direction.


The website re-design was done without the cost or use of outside consultants, while the team maintained their normal job duties. The result-a much improved website (, check it out and let us know what you think.
Will a Big Quake Leave Our Water
Supplies "High and Dry"?


[The following excerpts are from a February 22, 2012 article by Aaron Task of The Daily Ticker] "...The Strait of Hormuz is a waterway that connects the Persian Gulf to the Arabian Sea. It is the only passage to the open ocean for some of the biggest oil producers in the Middle East... 
 ...Because so much of the world's oil travels through Strait, any disruption to the shipping channel would have a major impact on global crude oil prices, which ultimately determine the price we pay for gas at the pump.

Some analysts estimate the price of oil could go up by 50% within days if there's a disruption of supply, which would mean much higher prices for us filling our tanks at the gas station - and anything else that requires the use of oil. Crude oil and gas prices have risen sharply since September in large part because of the threat of a disruption in the Strait of Hormuz...

Once again, America is at the mercy of overseas oil producers and because of the instability in the Persian Gulf, we are paying much higher prices for gasoline-and the gasoline equivalent of "the Big One" (closing the Strait of Hormuz) hasn't hit.

Californians face a similar crisis as in the Strait of Hormuz, but our "Strait" is the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, and our "oil" is our water supply. We've been told for years when it comes to earthquakes, the "Big One" could happen at any moment and that a significant portion of the state's water supply could be wiped out for a year or longer. So we buy earthquake kits, flashlights, bottled water, extra canned food for our homes-we take action to prepare. Billions of dollars have been spent retrofitting bridges, highways, hospitals, schools, and prisons. But to date, no effective measures have been taken to secure our water supply in the event of an earthquake.


Because of prudent resource management by the Board of Directors, including establishment of a water banking program, Mojave Water Agency's service area would likely not be adversely affected like other areas in the state in the event of a catastrophic earthquake. But, the region's supplies won't last indefinitely. Read more.
New Division Boundaries are Ready


It's official! The new division boundaries have been adopted by the Board and are awaiting approval by the county's Registrar of Voters.  In order to balance population between the seven divisions, boundaries needed to be changed so that one-seventh of the Agency's total population exists in each division.  

The most significant change was the dramatic increase in Division 2 (currently held by Jim Ventura). Under the 2000 Census, Division 2 was 1,322 square miles - it increases to 3,866. Just as one division has to increase another has to decrease. The biggest change involves Division 1 (currently held by Kimberly Cox) which went from 2,757 square miles to 443. Divisions 3, 6, and 7 had only slight boundary modifications. Note the table that shows the population and square miles of each division. The new division maps will be added to the Agency's website by March 15th.


 Directors' Divisions

Spring Care for Your Desert Landscape


As the weather warms up during March, there are a few important tips to help care for your desert landscape. Many desert plants will begin to grow rapidly, including unwanted weeds. Pull weeds while they are small and before they reseed.

 New landscape

Water plants between 9 am and

3 pm to avoid the risk of frost hazards. Help your plants establish deep roots by watering deeply every other week and transplant yuccas or Joshua Trees before April. Planning for perennials means getting them planted in early March and established before the hotter months of May and June.


Your plants may also begin to show signs of pests. If caterpillars, flies or aphids are appearing on new growth, spray them off with a strong jet of water. Prepare a very mild mix of � tablespoon of dish soap and � gallon of water to be sprayed on new growth areas and under leaves to prevent pests without harming your plants. Garlic or hot peppers may also be soaked in water overnight, creating an unpleasant spray that may also help deter small mammals.

Kimberly Cox Recognized by Local College

Established in 1991, the list of 23 Alumni Award winners at Victor Kimberly Cox
Valley College expanded by one name with the addition of MWA Board member Kimberly Cox. She was presented the honor at the College's Hall of Fame dinner on February 25. Cox was "ambushed" with news about her selection-similar to the Publisher's Clearing House announcement with balloons and all-at an Agency board meeting late last year.

Social Media--It's More than Just Being Sociable


Have opinions to share about the water world? Don't want to wait for the E-Newsletter to keep up to date on water-related issues? Visit the MWA Facebook page at Our Facebook page is a good way to use one source to learn about some of the timely issues facing the water community locally, regionally, or statewide-and have the chance to provide your perspective on the issues.